Ride in Unison

Preview Unicorn Cards in the Warriors of the Wind Clan Pack


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The Unicorn are unique among the Great Clans of Rokugan. While their gaijin customs often put them at odds with more traditional samurai of the Emerald Empire, the military tactics they learned in their travels throughout the greater world still serve them well to this day.

These tactics are expanded upon in the Warriors of the Wind Clan Pack, which contains 78 new cards (three copies of twenty-five different cards and one copy each of three different cards) and celebrates everything that makes the Unicorn Clan great. While the clan pack introduces new themes like exploration, it also enhances Unicorn strategies that have existed since the Core Set, including their dominance in early conflicts and their ability to manipulate participants in battle with mobile Cavalry characters! 

Join us today as we preview Unicorn cards in the Warriors of the Wind Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Exploration and Aggression

The Unicorn have always been pushed to explore beyond their borders, and as they explore more and more of their opponent's provinces, the stronger they become. Warriors of the Wind introduces a number of boosts to the Unicorn based on your opponent's number of faceup provinces. And of course, Warriors of the Wind offers plenty of ways to expedite this exploration.

If you call the mythical Spirit  Aranat  (Warriors of the Wind, 11) to your cause, you put your opponent in an difficult position. Though it takes six fate to field Aranat, the creature gets additional fate for each facedown province your opponent controls, and fielding Aranat early can ensure the six-military and six-political skill character stays on the board for nearly the entire game. Of course, your opponent may choose to reveal non-stronghold provinces to deny this extra fate, but this takes away their element of surprise, and fuels powerful new cards like Shiro Shinjo (Warriors of the Wind, 1). So whether it is used as a near invincible force in conflict, or a way for the Unicorn to reveal provinces, this Spirit is a strong ally to have on your side.

Of course, non-ethereal beings are also vital to the Unicorn’s success. As the cycle of time pushes old warriors and courtiers out of the battlefield and courts, new samurai must rise up and take their place within the Unicorn.

The Young Warrior  (Warriors of the Wind, 5) has proven her skill in battle and in the court, but she has not lost some youthful impulsiveness, and can only be declared as an attacker or defender during the first conflict each round. The Unicorn excel during the early part of the conflict phase, when their forces are unhindered by exhaustion and can coordinate an overwhelming assault or a staunch defense. Young Warrior encourages this early aggression, and with Way of the Unicorn (Core Set, 198) it can allow for an extended push into enemy territory on back-to-back turns. 

Surprise Reinforcements

These Unicorn characters are strong in their own right, but it is the coordination and mobility of Unicorn Clan samurai that strike fear into their foes. For example, the Shinomen Wayfinders  (Warriors of the Wind, 19) would cost four fate on their own, but during a conflict their cost is reduced for each participating Unicorn character. While the Wayfinders may not have terribly impressive stats for the cost of four fate, their value increases dramatically if you manage to play them for one or even zero fate! By working with other Unicorn, the Shinomen Wayfinders can become one of the cheapest characters in the game and shift the momentum of a conflict for little investment.

While the Unicorn blitz is something every clan fears, they also must be aware of the unique tactics the clan utilizes to win conflicts. The Visiting Advisor  (Warriors of the Wind, 18) is a two-cost character that allows you to feint an attack, or tactically retreat from an unwinnable conflict. As an Action, the Advisor can counsel caution to the Unicorn, allowing herself and another character to return home from a conflict, ideally in an unbowed state. As a conflict character, the Visiting Advisor can hide in the shadows, only revealing themselves and surprising your opponent when they least expect it.

While the Visiting Advisor can affect your participating characters on a small scale, the Warriors of the Wind  (Warriors of the Wind, 25) event can completely change the face of a conflict—moving each Cavalry character you control home, then choosing any number of your Cavalry characters and adding them to the conflict. Together, these effects can be versatile, saving your characters from participating in a doomed conflict, providing reinforcements to break a poorly defended province, or switching out exhausted warriors for more effective combatants. Warriors of the Wind gives you a second opportunity to distribute your forces to a conflict, and your opponent can never be sure who they will be facing down in a conflict. 

Ride in Unison

The Unicorn are as adaptive as they are flexible, and their samurai work in unison to serve the Emerald Empire in their own unique way. Will you ride with the cavalry of the Unicorn and defeat all who stand in your way?

Join the clan that rides in Warriors of the Wind (L5C17) for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website!

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