18 February 2019 | KeyForge

Each Vault Is Unique

A Closer Look at the First KeyForge Vault Tour Stops


“Loot the Bodies! Hit the Floor! Loot the Bodies! Hit the Floor!”
–Brobnar War Chant

Hail, Archons!

We're neck deep now in the TIME OF TRIUMPH, and we have players collecting Æmbershards left and right. So… what exactly are you planning to do with your Æmbershards? That's what we're here to talk about right now!

Every time you register a new Archon Deck in the Master Vault or play in a ChainBound event, you gain one or more Æmbershards. In the game, as you know, you can use your Æmber to forge keys and open Vaults. You probably know, also, that the denizens of the Crucible use Æmber in many ways—fueling their technologies, forging their weapons, or even eating the stuff to let it alter their very bodies. But you? When you gather Æmbershards, you can use them to assemble a warchest full of awesome prizes!

Whenever you attend a Vault Tour event, you can redeem your Æmbershards for any of the custom prizes available on its Prize Wall. And like everything in the Crucible, these prizes are profoundly diverse, constantly evolving, and in some cases, unique to each stop. Also, the more Æmber you bring, the more awesome gear you can get!

Infuse Your Game with Æmber

Wherever you join the Vault Tour, you'll find the Prize Wall replete with chain trackers, deck boxes, playmats, and other gear to upgrade your gaming experience.

Our initial stops feature high-energy designs themed to match the houses of the Crucible, so no matter which house you love best, you'll find items featuring iconic artwork that instantly evokes the spirit of your deck!

Chain Trackers

Deck Boxes


And for those of you who are just Logos enough to want exact placements for your deck and cards in each game (science demands we replicate our findings, after all), we also have a Vault Tour playmat that's perfect for teaching new players, streaming your games, and satisfying any compulsion you may feel to arrange your battleline "just so."

House Sets

Sometimes when a player truly loves a specific house, that player and that house are destined to end up together… and you might have noticed that you'll have the option at the Vault Tour to collect a whole matching house set of chain tracker, deck box, and playmat.

Metal Keys

Alternatively, you can redeem your Æmbershards for a range of items that aren't house-themed at all—such as this set of commemorative metal Vault Tour keys!

Don't Just Play It… Live It!

One of the coolest things about redeeming your Æmbershards at a Vault Tour Prize Wall is that it allows you to claim the prizes that fit you best… sometimes literally!

You'll find more than gaming gear on the Vault Tour Prize Wall. You'll also find plenty of wearable items to communicate your love of KeyForge—and maybe even to haul your gear and keep yourself warm through the early spring chills.

Hooded Sweatshirt


Design not final.

Baseball Cap


Messenger Bag

These items are just the tip of the iceberg! The Vault Tour Prize Wall is going to keep growing and evolving. Change is inevitable. And if you really want to save your Æmbershards, you can build toward some larger items, such as a custom gamer chair or game table!

Gamer Chair

Design not final.

Game Table

Nothing says "I love KeyForge" quite like a unique, one-of-a-kind, KeyForge-themed, Geeknson game table!

This amazing table is bound to be one of the rarest items on the Prize Wall—and it's the only one that will simultaneously serve as a beautiful, undying testament to your love of Æmber and as the sturdy, physical object on which you and your friends can play your games.

When you redeem your Æmbershards for this table, you'll be able to theme it to your favorite house—or to the spirit of the Crucible itself!

Constant Evolution

As an extension of the Crucible, the Vault Tour's Prize Wall is bound to be in constant motion—changing, expanding, surprising, and delighting!

And this change doesn't just happen over a long, gradual process. It happens immediately. Each Vault Tour stop features its own collector's pin—unique to that event alone!

Beyond the pin, there's plenty more that's bound to change from stop to stop.

The house-themed prizes are all limited edition, as are many of the apparel items, meaning there's no guarantee they'll be at the later Vault Tour stops. But individuals at those later stops won't go home empty-handed: as some prizes rotate out, others will rotate in. In the long run, you can think of the Vault Tour Prize Wall as a lush, living garden—there will always be something beautiful, though you'll never know exactly what flowers you'll find in bloom!

To that end, you'll want to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @FFGOP to stay current with all the latest Prize Wall updates, including the items that may be unique to the different stops!

Finally, while the KeyForge Prize Wall will also be available at select events outside the Vault Tour (stay tuned for more!), many of the items on the Prize Wall will remain exclusive to the various Vault Tour stops—further ensuring the uniqueness of your Vault Tour Prize Wall experience!

Your Bid for Glory

The KeyForge Vault Tour is more than your chance to play the game with hundreds of enthusiastic players; it's also your chance to pursue your choice of custom prizes. The Prize Wall lets you forge your Æmbershards into a prize haul that's as unque as you are, and—of course—you'll earn Æmbershards for playing and winning at your Vault Tour stop.

Still, the greatest prizes on the KeyForge Vault Tour aren't even available on the Prize Wall. The top performers over the course of the Vault Tour will earn invitations to the 2020 KeyForge World Championship, and the winner of each Vault Tour tournament will win free flight and lodging for a future Vault Tour event*, so you can tour the world—fueled by Æmber!

Visit our list of scheduled Vault Tour events to plan your stop. Head to Facebook to let us know which prizes you hope to claim. And stay tuned for more—this is an event tour (and a Prize Wall) as wild as anything the scientists of Logos could dream up!

*FFG Organized Play will contact Vault Tour winners to inform them of their options and make arrangements.

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