7 October 2019 | KeyForge

Favor of Rex

Previewing the Saurian Republic in KeyForge: Worlds Collide


“A million years ago the empire rose.
A million years from now, it will still stand.”

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A new side of the Crucible is opened before you in Worlds Collide! This latest set of KeyForge, a standalone companion to Call of the Archons and Age of Ascension, invites you to explore the Crucible further than ever before, introducing you to new cards, mechanics, and two brand new Houses! Worlds Collide changes out Mars and Sanctum for the Saurian Republic and the Grand Star Alliance, but that does not mean that these beloved Houses are gone for good. The Crucible is ever-changing, and they may return in the future to either challenge or stand alongside these newcomers to the Crucible!

But with new Houses come new ways to battle, and you must be prepared to face the challenges ahead. Today, we are pleased to offer you a closer look at the Saurian Republic, one of the two new Houses crashing onto the Crucible in Worlds Collide—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping within the continental United States!

Sixty-Five Million Years of Dominance

For sixty-five-million years, the Saurian Republic has held its place as the oldest and (despite whatever the Sanctum may claim) most prestigious culture on the Crucible. Although this House has risen and fallen many times over the ages, the Saurians have not only survived, but thrived under the guidance of the wise Saurus Rex (Worlds Collide, 227), first among equals in the Saurian Senate. In the course of their time on the Crucible, the Saurians have repelled Martian aggression from Nova Hellas and broken three separate Sanctum crusades, but their own search for greater expansion and power ended after the defeat of the Smilodon Barbarians.

Still a major power after all this time, the Saurian Republic’s political system is led by the most advanced philosophical minds on the planet, but divided between two main parties, each with their own ideas of what the Saurian Republic is and should be. The Hegemonics argue that the Republic is in decline as the Saurians spend more and more time among the other “lesser beings” of the Crucible. Contrariwise, the Sequestarians say simply that the Republic has outgrown its expansionistic days of conquest.

Beyond these two main parties, the Saurian Republic is further divided by the many tribes that make up its rich culture. But no matter how much variation there is both between and within the tribes, Saurians tend to be large and physically potent creatures. Even the bravest Brobnar giant would think twice before challenging a  Gargantodon (Worlds Collide, 203) on the battlefield! This does occasionally cause practical problems on an everyday scale, as the unintentional Stomp (Worlds Collide, 210) of one of these creatures can be…rather inconvenient. 

But more than their size, the Saurians pride themselves as the most advanced philosophical minds on the Crucible. Their Senatorial debates are legendary for their duration and the strength, passion, and insight of their arguments. These great minds also create the famed Saurian technology that is a perfect harmony of form and function. In fact, their artifacts are so beautiful and advanced that some may mistake it for magic. The spears and shields of their warriors are more potent than any blaster or raygun, and even their beasts of burden have their behavior ably controlled by advanced harnesses.

Even Archons are integrated into Saurian society in a way almost unheard-of on the Crucible, granted permission to attend meetings of the Saurian Senate by default, and welcomed into the Saurian academies. There have also been instances of Archons serving as Governor of a city-state throughout the history of the Saurian Republic. And, if the Archons believe in the Saurian Republic, it must truly be their destiny to rule.

Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus

Beyond their fascinating history and thematic background, the Saurians also introduce new ways to play with the mechanics of KeyForge, pushing the game to explore new territory and welcoming players to test new strategies. The pride shared amongst the Saurian Republic makes them ideal candidates to make use of the new exalt mechanic. When you exalt a creature, you place 1 Æmber on it from the common supply. Then, if this creature then leaves play, the Æmber is added in your opponent’s pool. 

This introduces a new element of measured risk as cards with the exalt mechanic offer remarkable abilities but make your creatures targets for your opponent's attacks. While it is true you may be able to wipe out your enemy’s board with a Phalanx Strike (Worlds Collide, 189) or Axiom of Grisk (Worlds Collide, 182), you must never lose sight of your goal, for you may end up benefiting your opponent if you are not careful. 

But while prideful, the Saurians are not foolish. To counter the risk of exalt and increase its possibility for reward, Worlds Collide also introduces ways to move Æmber from your characters to your pool. For example, Senator Shrix (Worlds Collide, 193) can hold Æmber on their card, but you can also spend it as if it were in your pool.  Senator Bracchus (Worlds Collide, 229), meanwhile, goes further, extending this ability to all your creatures. If you are truly merciless, you may even choose to exalt a creature and then Exile (Worlds Collide, 202) it to your opponent’s side, destroying them to claim the Æmber they hold for yourself before your enemy can take it.

This new form of Æmber control is sure to shake up the current meta like an earthquake and make the Saurians a force to be reckoned with as they boldly bring more Æmber into play and challenge any who dare try to take it. Remember, while Æmber is held by specific characters, it is safe from thieves, like Breaker Hill (Worlds Collide, 237) who would steal it from your pool. As long as your citizens are willing to follow and pay tribute when the time to forge arises, you will find little to trouble you as your quests for the Vaults progress.

Dawn of the Saurians

The Saurian Republic has risen and fallen many times, but now their day is here again. With you and your Archons to lead them, this new glorious age of the empire will never end! Gather your recruits, prepare your teams, and steel your nerves for battle!

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