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2019 KeyForge Prime Championships

Dates and Locations for the KeyForge Prime Championships


“We get it, you're the best. Now come out and fight!”
   –Gron Nine-Toes

Welcome, KeyForge players! Today, we're excited to share dates and locations for the upcoming season of Prime Championships! Hold on to your æmber, you're in for a wild ride!

As the tier above Store Championships, Prime Championships are open events that draw in talented players from all over to compete for the chance of becoming a Prime Champion. With an invitation to the KeyForge World Championship on the line, Prime Championships form a central part of the Organized Play path that leads to the World Championship. As you face other Archons in a race to unlock precious vaults, not only can you test your might against some of the best players in your area, you may even forge new friendships along the way!

No matter which of the KeyForge houses you represent at a Prime Championship, these events are certain to challenge your abilities as an Archon. Reveal your true unbridled power and forever leave your mark on the Crucible by becoming a Prime Champion!

Prize Pandemonium!

While you forge keys and defeat rival Archons at a Prime Championship, you'll also be gaining loads of Æmbershards—and possibly even Power Levels, depending on your overall placement. Of course, there are prizes too! At these events, you can win unique prizes, including stun tokens, large deckboxes, playmats, and metal keys! These electrifying prizes were recently previewed in an article, but if you missed it or just want to check out the goods again, simply click on the KeyForge image below. 

Below, you will find a list of dates and locations for the upcoming season of Prime Championships. Find an event near you and make your plans to attend today! Be sure to check back for more events as we update this list! Retailers, if your information is listed incorrectly, please send the corrected information to [email protected] and we will update it.

Updated: October 7, 2019

United States

Date Store City State
November 2, 2019​ The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe Plainfield Illinois
November 2, 2019​ BluegrassMagic Gameshop Louisville Kentucky
November 2, 2019​ Quest Comic Shop Carrollton Georgia
November 2, 2019​ Dreamers Vault Games Minneapolis Minnesota
November 2, 2019​ Beyond the Dungeon Comics and Games Spring Texas
November 2, 2019​ Red Castle Games Portland Oregon
November 2, 2019​ Pair A Dice Games Vista California
November 9, 2019​ Black Moon Games Lebanon New Hampshire
November 9, 2019​ Knight Watch Games San Antonio Texas
November 9, 2019​ Uncle's Games Bellevue Washington
November 9, 2019​ NJoy Games and Comics Northridge California
November 16, 2019 Relentless Dragon Nashua New Hampshire
November 16, 2019​ GameStorm Gaming Lemont Illinois
November 16, 2019​ Prodigy Games Lake Worth Florida
November 16, 2019​ The Village Geek Manhattan Kansas
November 16, 2019​ Game Chest Sioux Falls South Dakota
November 16, 2019​ Petrie's Family Games Colorado Springs Colorado
November 16, 2019​ Critical Hit Games Corona California
November 23, 2019​​ Pandemonium Books and Games Cambridge Massachusetts
November 23, 2019​​​ Sapphire City Board Game Parlor North Canton Ohio
November 23, 2019​​​ Game Nite St. Louis Missouri
November 23, 2019​​​ Board Game Barrister Greenfield Wisconsin
November 23, 2019​​​ Forgotten Path Games Vacaville California
November 30, 2019​​​ Pastimes Comics & Games Niles Illinois
December 7, 2019 Game Knights Gardner Massachusetts
December 7, 2019​ Epic Loot Games Centerville Ohio
December 7, 2019​ Covenant Tulsa Oklahoma
December 7, 2019​ ProSoul Games Ontario Oregon
December 7, 2019​ Gameology Upland California
December 14, 2019​​ Beyond the Board Dublin Ohio
December 14, 2019​​​ Play It Today Games Ft. Wright Kentucky
December 14, 2019​​​ maCnarB Gaming Gautier Mississippi
December 14, 2019​​​ The Game Chest Torrance California
December 21, 2019 NuGames Eureka California
January 4, 2020 WNY Gaming LLC Hamburg New York
January 4, 2020​ Critical Hit Games St. Petersburg Florida
January 4, 2020​ Turn Zero Games Los Angeles California
January 11, 2020​​ Canton Games Baltimore Maryland
January 11, 2020​​ Recess Games North Olmsted Ohio
January 11, 2020​​ The Gamer's Armory Cary North Carolina
January 11, 2020​​ Dreamers Vault Games Saint Louis Park Minnesota
January 11, 2020​​ Gabi's Olympic Cards & Comics Lacey Washington
January 11, 2020​​ Emerald Knights Comics and Games Burbank California
January 18, 2020​​ Hex & Company New York New York
January 18, 2020​​ Dragon's Roost Sylvania Ohio
January 25, 2020​​​ The Gift of Games Grayslake Illinois
January 25, 2020​​​​ Collector Store LLC St. Peters Missouri
January 25, 2020​​​​ The Game Shoppe Bellevue Nebraska
January 25, 2020​​​​ Common Ground Games Dallas Texas
January 25, 2020​​​​ GMI Games Riverside California
February 1, 2020 Games and Stuff Glen Burnie Maryland
February 1, 2020​ Battlegrounds Game Center Ravenna Ohio
February 1, 2020​ Tier Zer0 Gaming Goldsboro North Carolina
February 1, 2020​ I'm Board! Games & Family Fun Middleton Wisconsin
February 1, 2020​ Phoenix Fire Games Meridian Idaho
February 1, 2020​ Great Escape Games LLC Sacramento California
February 8, 2020​ Dream Wizards Rockville Maryland
February 8, 2020​​ Parker Banner Kent and Wayne Cornelius North Carolina
February 8, 2020​​ Level One Game Shop Kansas City Missouri
February 8, 2020​​ Mayhem Collectibles Clive Iowa
February 8, 2020​​ Crazy Squirrel Game Store Fresno California
February 15, 2020​​​ Just Games Rochester New York
February 15, 2020​​​ Labyrinth Games & Puzzles Washington Maryland
February 15, 2020​​​ The Geekery Shawnee Kansas
February 15, 2020​​​ The Gaming Goat St. Paul Minnesota
February 15, 2020 Cool Comics and Games Cape Coral Florida
February 22, 2020​​​​ Tower of Games Virginia Beach Virginia
February 22, 2020 Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy Houston Texas
February 22, 2020​​​​ Eudemonia Berkley California
February 29, 2020​​​​ Redcap's Corner Philadelphia Pennsylvania
February 29, 2020​​​​ Game Time Indianapolis Indiana
February 29, 2020​​​​ Atomic Empire Durham North Carolina
February 29, 2020​​​​ Meeple Madness Braselton Georgia
February 29, 2020​​​​ Paradox Comics-N-Cards Fargo North Dakota
February 29, 2020​​​​ Zia Comics Las Cruces New Mexico
February 29, 2020​​​​ Geeky Teas & Games Burbank California
March 7, 2020 Millennium Games Rochester New York
March 7, 2020​ Gamers N Geeks Mobile Alabama
March 7, 2020​ The Village Geek McPherson Kansas
March 7, 2020​ Heroes Welcome Comics & Games Menomonie Wisconsin
March 7, 2020​ Edmond Unplugged Edmond Oklahoma
March 14, 2020​ Six Feet Under Games New Holland Pennsylvania
March 14, 2020​ Game Kastle Mountain View California
Postponed Weekend Anime Westbrook Maine
Postponed Huzzah Hobbies Ashburn Virginia
Postponed TableTop Game & Hobby Overland Park Kansas
Postponed Fantasy Flight Games Center Roseville Minnesota
Postponed Campus Cards & Games 2 Winter Park Florida



Date Store City Country
TBA Games, Toys, & More Linz Austria
TBA Siren Games Wien Austria​
November 2, 2019 401 Games Toronto, ON Canada
November 16, 2019 Magic Stronghold Games Vancouver, BC Canada
November 23, 2019 Metal Galaxy Social Games and Bistro Calgary, AB Canada
December 14, 2019 HFX Games Halifax, NS Canada
January 18, 2020 ComicReaders Downtown Regina, SK Canada
January 25, 2020 Gamezilla Fredericton, NB Canada
February 8, 2020 Rain City Games Vancouver, BC Canada
February 9, 2020​ Wizard's Tower Ottawa, ON Canada
February 23, 2020 La Revanche Quebec City, QC Canada
March 7, 2020 A Muse N Games Winnipeg, MB Canada
TBA Hunter Board Game Beijing China
TBA​ Miaoyou Board Game Shenyang China​
TBA​ Board Trick Xi'an China​
TBA​ Player One Taiyuan China​
TBA​ Nice 86 Club Wuxin China​
TBA​ BG Club Guangzhou China​
TBA​ Facetime Board Game Foshan China​
TBA​ MAGI Board Game Fuzhou China​
TBA​ Fun Club Chengdu China​
TBA​ Wind Castle Fun HZ Xiaoheshan Hangzhou China​
November 23, 2019 Atlantis Hamburg Germany
December 8, 2019 Brettspielplatz Berlin Germany​
February 23, 2020 City Comics Leipzig Germany​
TBA A & E Wirth Mainz Germany​
TBA Mage Store Düsseldorf Germany​
TBA Spielraum Bielefeld Germany​
TBA Ultra Comix Nürnberg Germany​
TBA Wizard's Well Mannheim Germany​
TBA Zu den vier Winden Bochum Germany​
TBA Dungeons and Donuts​ Galway​ Ireland
Postponed Tabletop Kingdom Den Haag Netherlands​
TBA Bordspelers Gouda Netherlands​
November 30, 2019​ Bazaar of Magic Delft Netherlands​
January 12, 2020 Subcultures Utrecht Netherlands​
January 26, 2020 Spel en Meer Zoetermeer Netherlands​
February 9, 2020 Friends & Foes Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands​
Postponed Dobbelsteen Tilburg Tilburg Netherlands
March 14, 2020 MidWinter Con Haugesund Norway
November 2, 2019 Heroes for Gaming vs Cancer Southampton United Kingdom
February 1, 2020 Excelsior Bristol United Kingdom
February 15, 2020 Fan Boy Three Manchester United Kingdom
February 16, 2020​ Beanie Games​ Stockton-on-Tees United Kingdom
February 22, 2020​ Eclectic Games Reading United Kingdom
TBA​ Bean Gaming Leicester United Kingdom
TBA​ Chaos Cards Folkestone United Kingdom
TBA​ d20 Board Game Cafe Watford United Kingdom
TBA​ The Dice Cup Nottingham United Kingdom
TBA​ Firestorm Games Cardiff Cardiff United Kingdom
TBA​ Patriot Games Sheffield Sheffield United Kingdom
TBA​ Proud Lion Cheltenham United Kingdom

Supercharge Your Game

Archons, ready your creatures and start making your plans now to attend a Prime Championship! Check this page regularly as we will continue to update it with more events from all around the world. We can't wait to see how these exciting KeyForge events will unfold during this season of Prime Championships!

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