21 October 2019 | KeyForge

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Previewing the Star Alliance in KeyForge: Worlds Collide


“It worked!”
“What do you mean ‘it worked’? There was a chance it wouldn’t work?!”

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The world of the Crucible grows wider than ever in Worlds Collide! This latest set of KeyForge, which acts as a companion to Call of the Archons and Age of Ascension and not a replacement or sequel, invites you to explore this artificial planet as it continues to evolve with new cards, mechanics, and now two new Houses! Worlds Collide changes out the Houses of Mars and Sanctum for the Saurian Republic and the Grand Star Alliance, but they may return in the future to either challenge or join these new Houses as your fast-paced tactical battles continue!

Last week, we looked at the Saurian Republic, one of the oldest cultures on the Crucible. Today, we shift gears and look at the latest newcomers—a House known for its sense of adventure and cooperative spirit. We are pleased to offer you a closer look at The Grand Star Alliance, the second new House to enter the fray in KeyForge: Worlds Collide—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping within the continental United States!

A Whirlwind Mission

The Grand Star Alliance has spent decades exploring the galaxy, bringing dozens of systems into the peaceful and democratic Alliance as they extend their scientific knowledge across the stars. But one day on their continuing mission of exploration, the crew of the SAV Quantum found themselves falling through an anomalous energy field and crash-landing on the Crucible. Considered only a minor setback, the scientists, explorers, and small military contingent of the Grand Star Alliance built a small city in the rocky savannah of the Valley of Time. Officially designated as “Camp One,” pretty much everyone calls it by its true name: Quantum City.

Here, the Star Alliance’s polyglot, multi-species community has only grown since its arrival and continues its mission to get the Quantum spaceworthy again and get back in touch with Fleet Command. But if they wish to accomplish this, they will need more knowledge than is available in their databooks. Perhaps one of these mysterious Archons or the substance known as “Æmber” holds the key? Regardless, the crew of the Quantum will not lose hope and they will continue their mission of boldly going where no man, woman, neuter, or other-gendered-being has gone before!

The central philosophy of the Grand Star Alliance—and the key to their power—is strength through diversity. Opposing the insular Martians who believe in cultural purity, the Star Alliance is happy to bring the best and brightest from any House into their ranks. For example, Special Agent "Fingers" (Worlds Collide, 339) is one of the Svarr elves traditionally associated with House Shadows, bringing in a slice of the elusive keyword and the steal ability to the Grand Star Alliance, while Operations Officer Yshi (Worlds Collide, 334) has both taunt and a capture ability that affects their neighbors, doubtless learned from their time with House Sanctum.

This sense of cooperation stretches far beyond the Grand Star Alliance itself. In the Star Alliance House, you will find a plethora of cards that allow you to either play or use cards from other Houses or that reward you for the diversity of your battleline. Creatures like CXO Taber (Worlds Collide, 309) allow you to play out-of-House cards during your turn, then actions like Xenotraining (Worlds Collide, 323) immediately reward you for this action by helping you control the Æmber in play. While we have seen similar effects in KeyForge with cards like Phase Shift (Call of the Archons, 117) or Helper Bot (Age of Ascension, 112) from House Logos, those found in the Star Alliance often offer greater flexibility by still allowing creatures to act or letting them trigger the effect more than once. There is no telling what wonderful combinations you will discover within your Archon decks, but one thing is certain: The Grand Star Alliance is sure to bring a level of synergy to your games that has rarely been seen on the Crucible before.

An Incomparable Crew

At the heart of the Star Alliance are the original crew members who first made the daunting journey to the Crucible under the lead of Val Jericho. Each crew member was originally hand-selected for the mission for their remarkable and varied skills, and while it is not uncommon to find them working alongside any Archon, they are each undeniably valuable individuals to have on your side. Whether its Commander Chan (Worlds Collide, 296) leading your team into battle, Chief Engineer Walls (Worlds Collide, 293) managing your technology Sci Officer Qincan (Worlds Collide, 304) helping even an opponent learn about the Crucible for fair compensation, the crew of the S.A.V. Quantum is ready for action, no matter what challenges lay in store.

Beyond their incredible synergy within their own House and beyond, the Grand Star Alliance also has some of the most advanced technology on the Crucible. This House introduces a whole new level of flexibility and decision making to KeyForge with cards that can be played as either a creature or an upgrade. Explo-rover (Worlds Collide, 297) and CALV-1N (Worlds Collide, 308) are both robots whose sole directive is to help their allies the best they can, whether that be acting autonomously or being paired with another creature to lend that ally their skills. When a creature like Explo-rover or CALV-1N is played as an upgrade, it does not increase the power or armor of the creature it is attached to, but the abilities these robots can grant may prove well worth the price of having one less creature to fight or reap with. After all, an intact robot that helps you draw cards is far more useful than a destroyed robot that can do nothing.

CALV-1N can either be used as an upgrade for another creature or act as an independent creature!

But even with their amazing robots, comm links, cloaking devices, and blasters, the crew still cannot reach Fleet Command, and they do not want to get too comfortable. None can deny that the Crucible is spectacular, but there is still a lot of the galaxy left to explore. With teamwork and determination, the Grand Star Alliance will make their way off of this planet and back into space once more, and what they bring may change the entire course of the future!

Adventure Is Out There

Ever since the crew of the S.A.V. Quantum crash-landed on the Crucible, they have tirelessly worked to carve out a name for themselves and continue their mission of discovery. Will you join them in their quest to uncover the secrets of this planet? Add the Grand Star Alliance to your team, discover the strength of differences, and unite the beings of the Crucible as you pursue your goal of ascension!

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