22 January 2019 | Discover: Lands Unknown

Cooperate to Survive

Cooperative Rules for Discover: Lands Unknown Are Now Available


We first featured them on our livestream gameplay of Discover: Lands Unknown (which you can watch here), and now, they're available for you to use in your own games! The One for All Cooperative Rules for Discover: Lands Unknown are now available for download through our website (pdf, 528 KB). For a short message on these rules, here's the game's designer, Corey Konieczka!

Corey Konieczka on the Cooperative Rules for Discover: Lands Unknown

Survival can mean different things to different people, but in Discover: Lands Unknown, you're literally surviving against your environment. Whether you’re stuck on a frozen mountaintop, a blistering desert, or a remote island, you must find food and water while avoiding the dangers that lurk in the dark.

And now, you can brave these elements with your friends in a fully cooperative way. This free supplement provides new rules and victory conditions that require working together to make sure everyone survives, while removing all selfish motives and backstabbing. This option has been a widely requested feature, and I’m happy to provide it to you. Although many groups will undoubtedly prefer the game’s original rules, this variant is ideal for groups that want a team-oriented experience. It works great with new players, families, or just about anyone who likes cooperative games.

Let this be your guide in the next stage of survival,

   Corey Konieczka

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