11 January 2019 | Journeys in Middle-earth

The Road Goes Ever On and On

Announcing the Middle-earth Gamemat for Journeys in Middle-earth


Aragorn and Gandalf walked together or sat speaking of their road and the perils they would meet; and they pondered the storied and figured maps and books of lore that were in the house of Elrond.
–J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Order your own copy of the Middle-earth Gamemat at your local retailer or online through our website today!

The path before your feet leads deep into the wild—to grim ruins and noisome marshes, brooding forests and dank caves. Though danger looms and the shadow spreads everywhere, you are committed to your quest… but it’d be foolish to venture forth without a map.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Middle-earth Gamemat, the perfect accessory for your adventures in The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth!

Your journeys could take you across the length and breadth of Middle-earth, from the northern wastes of Forodwaith to the deepest south of Harad. Whether you’re walking among the ancient kingdoms of Arnor, greeting the Horse-lords of the Riddermark, sailing the Bay of Belfalas, or approaching the city of Dale beneath the Lonely Mountain, this gamemat offers a beautifully detailed map of Middle-earth, picking out forests, rivers, mountain ranges, countries, and key locations.

Your games of Journeys in Middle-earth may see you roaming Middle-earth on the journey map, employing double-sided tiles to build out a larger region for your adventure to take place. Or, for a more tactical or combat-oriented adventure, you may turn to the battle map, zooming in on a tiny piece of Middle-earth, such as a ruined fort overrun by the forces of Mordor. No matter which map you’re using, the Middle-earth Gamemat offers a secure foundation as a slip-resistant, 3’ x 3’ rubber mat that’s perfect for your unfolding adventures.

You can pre-order your own copy of the Middle-earth Gamemat (JME02) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today! Look for this gamemat to release in the second quarter of 2019.

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