25 September 2018 | KeyForge

Through the Wormhole!

Enter the Crucible at Six KeyForge Preview Events


“Totally Tubular!”
–Quixo the “Adventurer”

Do you desire to become a being of unfathomable power? To command a team comprised of many different creatures, cultures, and technologies? To seek out all the Crucible's most valuable secrets?

Do you want to be one of the first to enter the world of KeyForge and to struggle against all those who would stand in your way?

                                     Of course, you do!

Archon, you are in luck!

Six KeyForge Preview Events will soon offer a tantalizing taste of all the game's crazy, magical, and sometimes chaotic Archon battles. Seating for these events is limited—and the prizes are every bit as fabulous as they are functional—so you will want to mark your calendar now…

Registration opens Friday, September 28th at 1 PM CDT (UTC-0500)!!!

Date City Venue Ticketing Player Cap
October 20th Essen, Germany Unperfekthaus Ticketing 64
October 20th London, England The Kia Oval Ticketing 64
October 21st Paris, France Les Mauvais Joueurs Ticketing 64
October 31st Madrid, Spain La Industrial Eventos Ticketing 64
November 3rd Copenhagen, Denmark Bastard Café Ticketing 64
November 11th Eindhoven, Netherlands Spellenspektakel 2018 Ticketing 64

Exploring the Crucible

Featuring completely unique decks with no deckbuilding, powerful cards with no resource costs, and deeply tactical play that can swing wildly in momentum from turn to turn—KeyForge is a game that you have to play in order to really gain a full understanding.

Second best is watching someone else play.

Whether you play or watch, you'll find a new understanding of the game—and a new appreciation for it—buzzing around these KeyForge Preview Events… then spreading outward into the communty… like the warm glow that starts in your belly and tingles out to your finger and toes as soon as you've finished drinking a nice cuppa Martian ale—or after you've finished eating a fully ripened bartle root.

Not only will there be hundreds of players learning the game and exploring the Crucible over the course of these events, but we'll be inviting LockDownGaming_UK and other members from the community to stream matches and share their experiences on their blogs and social media accounts. So stay tuned: the Crucible's secrets will soon be revealed, bit by glorious bit!

                #KeyForge  #KeyForgeOP

Prizes! We Like Prizes!

With excitement crackling through the air like an active wormhole, these KeyForge Preview Events are bound to become some of the gaming year's greatest highlights.

Attend, and you get your very own KeyForge Archon Deck. You get to play. You can even trade decks. And all of this well before the game becomes available to the general public. But that's not all! There's more!

You'll still want some tokens and keys and other components to play your games, so is there anything else can you get for rooting out and unlocking these Preview Vaults?

Tell 'em, Fuzzy Gruen, what they can win!

That's right! Twenty-four acrylic Æmber tokens, three cold-forged metal keys, fifteen acrylic damage tokens, one chain tracker, and ten condition cards. And these are collector-grade coolness.

                                   You'll be able to find images of these prizes—along with links to the streamers covering these events—in the coming days. Follow us on Twitter @FFGOP for the latest news…

KeyForge at TwitchCon

Can't make it to one of our Preview Events? Then try TwitchCon!

From October 26 – 28, you'll be able to find introductory KeyForge events running all weekend in San Jose, California. These events will be structured differently than the Preview Events but will still offer some of the same prizes.

More details are available with our partners at CascadeGames.com.

Destination: Crucible!

Want to say you were there before the Brobnar forged their first key? Then mark your calendar and free up your schedule. Registration for these KeyForge Preview Events opens on Friday, September 28 at 1 PM CDT (UTC-0500)!

Attend, learn, and enjoy. Discover the joys of the Crucible. Keep your eyes open for streaming coverage and social media reports. And stay tuned for more information about KeyForge and its Organized Play program!

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