24 September 2018 | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

No Rest for the Wicked

Travel to Cairo with the 2018 Invocation Event for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


"I am writing to you now because there is nobody I can trust here in Cairo. I don’t even know if this letter will make it to you safely. I can only hope it does, for all our sakes."
     –Jessie Burke

It is the year 1926, and Cairo has become a dangerous place. People throughout the city have succumbed to an endless slumber. They fall asleep and do not wake… still alive, but unresponsive even to the treatments of the city's best doctors. There are even rumors that some of Arkham's own are among the afflicted, and your old friend, Jessie Burke, has written to beg your assistance.

The time has come to travel to Cairo. You can heed your friend's pleas for help, confront The Eternal Slumber, and explore the city's darkest secrets at the 2018 Invocation Event for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Featuring The Eternal Slumber, the special standalone scenario that debuted at Gen Con Indy 2018, the 2018 Invocation challenges you to succeed where so many before you have already failed. For your efforts, you'll receive a copy of the scenario, a stylish set of card dividers, and a 2018 Invocation playmat. Will these be enough to safeguard you from the forces behind the events in Cairo? Will they help you solve this terrible mystery? Only time—and your participation—will tell.

A Journey of Untold Dangers

There's more than sleep that's strange in Cairo. As you walk the streets, you begin to get the sense you're being tailed by shadowy figures. Several of the people you attempt to interview want nothing to do with you. So what is it they're hiding?

It could be, perhaps, that they're hiding information about how difficult the challenge you face may truly be. They may also be concealing the fact that you're not the first investigators to pursue this particular phenomenon. That distinction was claimed by those brave investigators who traveled to Cairo when The Eternal Slumber first debuted at Gen Con Indy. And what happened to those investigators? The majority of them were either defeated—or fled Cairo in terror of what they saw…

But there's still hope. Your participation in the 2018 Invocation means that you might solve the mysteries of The Eternal Slumber before they appear in Guardians of the Abyss, the scenario pack that will contain both The Eternal Slumber and the chapter that follows it, The Night's Usurper.

And though it's too late for you to impact the forces arrayed against those investigators who will travel to the Fantasy Flight Games Center to tackle The Night's Usurper at Arkham Nights 2018, it's not too late for you to find two extended art copies of Lucky! tucked into your scenario—one copy at level zero and one at level two. Enjoy them. Take care of them. You'll need all the luck you can get; multiple investigators and other characters at Gen Con Indy were "Taken by the Abyss"!

Those Who Slumber Cannot Wait

What disease or curse has afflicted Cairo? What further evils might befall the city's residents? No one really knows, and the longer we have no answers, the greater the risk to the city and its populace.

The Eternal Slumber will become available for purchase in the Guardians of the Abyss standalone scenario—but, by then, it may already be too late for Jessie Burke, for her slumbering husband, for Cairo… and—maybe—for all humanity. There's no time to lose. The sleepers must be woken. And you can start peeling back the layers of mystery at the 2018 Invocation Event!

Find a 2018 Arkham Horror: The Card Game Invocation Event near you. Then make your plans to attend. The extended art copies of Lucky!, the custom card dividers, and the 2018 Invocation playmat are exclusive to this exciting community event!

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