27 August 2018 | Heroes of Terrinoth

The Mantle of Command

Becoming a Champion in Heroes of Terrinoth


Every hero has a story to tell.

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In Heroes of Terrinoth, the realm has been plunged into darkness. In the Land of Steel, goblins ravage the countryside and terrorize innocent travelers; in the Free Cities, an ancient Bloodguard causes chaos; in the thirteenth barony, the undead forces of Waiqar the Undying rise again. The realm needs heroes, and now is your chance to become the champion that Terrinoth needs.

But the question remains—what kind of hero will you be? Are you a warrior, ready to meet deadly enemies head-to-head; or are you more of a mage, mastering the arcane and using magic to take out opponents from a safe distance? Is your true calling that of a healer, aiding your allies as they return from battle bruised and bloody; or are you a scout, trekking out before your party to scope out dangers ahead?

Today, we're proud to offer you a closer look at the champions you will embody in Heroes of Terrinoth—now available for pre-order at your local retailer on online through our website!

New Recruits

In Heroes of Terrinoth, you and up to three companions must adventure together on dangerous quests, facing impossible odds in pursuit of wealth, glory, and the adventure of a lifetime. But before the game even starts, you must choose your role from an array of twelve distinct heroes, each with their own unique abilities.

Every hero falls into one of four archetypes—warrior, healer, mage, or scout—which help to determine a hero’s role within their group. Warriors defend their allies and are often the first to run towards danger. When their bravery proves foolhardy, healers renew their friends’ strength and ensure that all may continue their quest. Mages make the most of their rest times, using it to gain mastery over the arcane to fight or heal as they deem fit. And scouts are exemplary at exploring, peering down cavern halls and using their tracking skills to locate enemies and find the path through the dungeon.

In addition to the skills of their archetype, each hero also has a special ability gained from their past adventures and experience. For instance, Astarra, a mage, possesses a brilliant mind but little patience. She was expelled from the University of Greyhaven for advancing her arcane studies at a breakneck speed that was deemed "reckless" and "unsafe." She has since sought out Runemasters across Menarra to continue her education, but her hasty nature has stuck with her and you can see it reflected in her hero ability. Once per round, Astarra can exhaust one of her activation cards to add one progress to her team’s active location. While this limits her choices when she faces enemies, it also brings her closer to her ultimate objective, and is that not worth a little risk?

Acts of Bravery

Once you've chosen your hero, you're ready to begin your quests! You may be called to save a village, slay monsters, or face reawakened evil, but no matter the context, your skills will be put to the test. On your turn, you'll decide what action to take, selecting one of your activation cards and rolling dice to resolve the card’s effect.

When you first set out for your adventures in Terrinoth, you will have little more than your natural talents, detailed on your hero sheet, and the basic activation cards that correspond to your hero’s archetype. Each hero begins a game with four basic activation cards, representing the skills and capabilities that correspond to their archetype. For example, Astarra is a mage and she can choose to aid her friends with Helpful Advice, fire an Arcane Bolt in combat, Repel enemies to buy time for exploration, or take time to rest and Study the Runes during her turn.

While your skills may be limited when you first embark on your quests, over time you will learn and grow as both a player and a hero. Over the course of your quests in Heroes of Terrinoth, you'll gain powerful and dangerous new abilities as you further define your hero with a class. Returning to Astarra, when she first sets out on her quest, she is a mere student of the arcane, examining runes with little insight into their true power, but as her story progresses, she can choose which types of magic she will study and who she will become. Should she follow the path of a Geomancer, she can draw closer to every rock and tree, able to bend them to her will with Terracall when she uses her explore action. Otherwise, she may choose to continue the rapid runic studies that got her expelled from the University at Greyhaven, becoming a Runemaster with access to a Rune of Confusion.

Each of these paths offers Astarra a distinct ability, which she must weigh against the skills and needs of her fellow heroes. While both of these cards are upgraded version of the mage’s explore ability, the Geomancer can deal additional damage to enemies, leaning more toward the path of a warrior, while the Runemaster favors evasion, borrowing traits of a scout. Both activation cards remain true to the spirit of the mage, using magic to strike from a distance, but which path you choose to take is solely up to you. Your adventure is in your hands.

The Happy Few

There are few in Terrinoth brave enough to stand against the coming terrors, but you know that the fewer the warriors, the greater the honor. Should you choose to accept your quest and dive into the dungeons of the realm, you can be certain you will not be the same when you return. But those who stand idle will think themselves cursed when they hear the songs of your tales. Fame and glory are yours for the taking—will you seize your chance?

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