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Elements Unbound for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Is Available Now


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Throughout the Elemental Cycle, the Great Clans have shifted as the elements have fallen out of balance. The Dragon, so rarely involved in the squabbles of Rokugan, have descended from their mountaintops and now march across the Emerald Empire. Meanwhile, to the south, members of the Crab Clan experiment with dark mahō magic, their pragmatism pushing the limits of their morality. Change is coming to Rokugan, but will it be for the betterment of the empire?

The Elemental Cycle comes to a thunderous conclusion: Elements Unbound for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game is available now from your local retailer or our website!

Elements Unbound ties the themes of the Elemental Cycle together, featuring powerful new cards for each of the elements, as well as support for Shugenja and the Mantis Clan.

The Mysterious March

Throughout the Elemental Cycle, the Dragon have remained an enigma. Though they have been seen marching through Crane and Lion lands, their destination remains a mystery. What plans does their Champion, Togashi Yokuni, have in store for Rokugan?

The Dragon Clan’s army is not the largest in the Emerald Empire, but they still employ powerful tactics that no clan can match. The Mantra of Earth  (Elements Unbound, 116) is a Kihō technique that allows a Monk character to be remain nearly unaffected by any of your opponent's tricks during an Earth conflict. What's more, this card replaces itself, allowing the mantra to be valuable fuel for a card like  Void Fist  (All and Nothing, 94), meaning you can not only protect your Monk, but also build toward this dominating Void technique. Throughout the Elemental Cycle, you've found powerful new cards like Maze of Illusion  (Breath of the Kami, 20), which can completely nullify your character during conflicts. But with this grounded mantra, your monk is untouchable, allowing them to demonstrate their mystical techniques without interruption.

The Dragon also receive aid from a new Shugenja in Elements Unbound. Agasha Shunsen  (Elements Unbound, 106) not only allows you to play Spells, but adds consistency to your conflicts. During a conflict, you may return claimed rings to the unclaimed ring pool to search your deck for an attachment and attach it to one of your characters. This could boost you in the conflict by giving a character a Fine Katana  (Core Set, 200) at just the right time, but it can also help you prepare for future conflicts by giving a Weapon to the Niten Master  (Core Set, 64), allowing him to ready and add his skill to your forces in the future. Agasha Shunsen can ensure you always have one last trick up your sleeve.

Pragmatic Protectors

During the Elemental Cycle, the Crab have skirted the edges of their tradition. Characters like the Tainted Hero  (All and Nothing, 83) and Spells like Spreading the Darkness  (Tainted Lands, 32) have seen the Crab use the power of their greatest enemies against them. While some may consider this  endeavour dangerous, the Crab know they must use every resource they have in the fight against the Shadowlands, no matter the cost. 

The Yasuki Broker  (Elements Unbound, 104) is a Courtier who adds value to every character you control, giving them courtesy and sincerity during a conflict with the Broker. While characters traditionally leave play during the fate phase, the unorthodox methods of the Crab often see you sacrificing your own characters during a conflict. Now, you get extra value when your Steadfast Witch Hunter  (Core Set, 35) needs an ally to make the ultimate sacrifice. This value is even greater if you have a Funeral Pyre  (Core Set, 39) for a proper sendoff, allowing you to draw two cards and gain a fate during the conflict.

The Crab also receive a new attachment in the form of Pragmatism  (Elements Unbound, 113) For one fate, you can boost the military and political skill of a character, but the card’s true power comes when you are less honorable than your opponent. This state gives your character an additional skill boost, and prevents them from becoming honored or dishonored. The Crab have little need for honor, so this drawback is not devastating. However, the ability to avoid dishonor can be a major boon. This can be a potent edge against clans like the Scorpion, who often rely on dishonoring your characters to get an edge. In the face of dishonor, the Crab are consistent, steady, and reliable, and Pragmatism ensures your samurai will always be efficient.

End of the Elements

The Elemental Cycle is at an end, and the elements are still unbalanced. More than that, the clans have begun to shift in new directions. There is a wind of change coming to Rokugan. When the dust settles, who will come out on top?

Complete your journey into the Elemental Cycle with Elements Unbound (L5C14), available now from your local retailer or our website!

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