1 August 2018 | KeyForge

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Announcing Eight KeyForge Playmats


Order your own copy of Architect's Vault Two-Player Gamemat at your local retailer or online through our website today!

In the fast-paced, tactical, always-unique struggles of KeyForge, two players take on the roles of mighty Archons racing to gather Æmber and unlock the hidden secrets of the Crucible. In your endless clashes of wits and strength, you will lead a team of followers from three of the Crucible’s seven great Houses, each of which possess their own unique collection of creatures, skills, artifacts, and technology. Now, as you prepare to assemble your teams and discover the strategies and synergies within each of your Archon decks, you can display your pride in each of your favorite Houses with one new 26” x 26” gamemat and seven new 24” x 14” playmats for KeyForge from Fantasy Flight Supply!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of eight KeyForge playmats, each available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!

Enter the Crucible

With these eight playmats, you can immerse yourself in the colorful and diverse world of the Crucible, fully embracing your role as an Archon and an inhabitant of this world. Each playmat features vibrant original art from KeyForge, and by collecting these playmats, you can show pride for your favored House, no matter which of your Archon Decks you're using on the field of battle. Complete with a high-quality, slip-resistant rubber base, you'll be ready to take on any challenge your rival Archon presents, whether you are participating in a high-caliber tournament or playing at the kitchen table.

The Architect’s Vault Two-Player Gamemat measures an expansive 26” x 26”, providing the perfect stable play surface to protect your cards from stains and spills while you match wits with your opponent. Complete with marked sections for each of your keys, as well as your Archon, draw deck, discard pile, and archive, this mat organizes the chaotic clashes between you and your opponent to keep the focus where it should be—on your games!

The Brute Force Playmat features an explosive art piece that highlights the raw power of Brobnar. The brawlers of this House are a proud, boisterous people who value strength above all. Ruled only by the physically strongest among them, what they love most is a good fight, and each person is only entitled to what they are able to take and protect.

The Into the Underworld Playmat offers a glimpse of the furnaces and torture chambers that are home to the demons of Dis. The imps and other creatures of this House are unmatched in cruelty and sheer ruthlessness. Dwelling in the deep underground of the Crucible, they incorporate Æmber into their minions and living machines to help them gather more of the precious substance, and ultimately, more souls.

On the Positron Bolt Playmat, you'll see an electric art piece featuring one of the scholars of Logos, the self-proclaimed “foremost” intellectuals of the Crucible. Logotarians often replace parts of their bodies with technology, and while some call their experiments deranged, they know that true understanding is worth more than any one life.

Feature one of the gleeful minions of Mars with the Martian Madness Playmat! The empire of Mars is exceptional in that it has remained mostly unchanged since its relocation to the Crucible. Still ruled by the Elders, the Martians continue their biological experiments to create the perfect monster, and fight using “traditional” ray guns and flying saucers to ensure their culture survives.

Pledge yourself to the House of Sanctum with the Raiding Knight Playmat, featuring an ethereal art piece revealing a celestial warrior. The angelic knights and crusaders of this House keep their home on the Crucible safe, clean, and pleasant—a rare thing on the planet. Floating on golden wings, these warriors protect the weak and defend the innocent. Of course, what is “right” and “just” is determined by the leaders of their own House, but in their infinite wisdom, their motives are surely pure.

The Finishing Blow Playmat captures the moment of a sudden strike, characteristic of the scoundrels of Shadows. This House is filled with rogues, villains, thieves, con-artists, sometimes-assassins, and general ne’er-do-wells. Known for cleverness and speed, they repurpose whatever they lift from other Houses, and use the darkness from which they draw their House’s name to survive.

You can call upon the fierce and uncontrollable nature of Untamed with the Mighty Tiger Playmat! The varied creatures of this House reject civilization, choosing to live in the wilds of the Crucible. Built by blending disparate biomes, this House is loosely organized, but all live true to their nature, whatever it may be.

The Pieces of Countless Planets

When your clashes begin, your Archons will draw their teams from across seven of the Crucible's great Houses. No matter which faction you identify with, or even if you can't choose a favorite, there is a playmat to fit your needs and help you display your pride in a cinematic fashion. Enter the world of the Crucible and begin your quest to unlock the planet’s hidden secrets!

Pre-order your copies of the Architect’s Vault Two-Player Gamemat (KFS01), Brute Force Playmat (KFS02), Into the Underworld Playmat (KFS03), Positron Bolt Playmat (KFS04), Martian Madness Playmat (KFS05), Raiding Knight Playmat (KFS06), Finishing Blow Playmat (KFS07), and Mighty Tiger Playmat (KFS08) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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