All and Nothing

Preview the Fifth Dynasty Pack in the Elemental Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game


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Representing both the eternal nothingness and vast makeup of the universe, the Void is an element of contradictions. Those who seek enlightenment must come to terms with this contradiction, searching to understand its deeper mysteries. Shugenja that can harness the Void must always be cautious to not be overtaken by the emptiness that awaits. But in this nothingness, there is power, and as the elements fall out of balance, the Void could overtake all. 

Join us today as we preview All and Nothing, the fifth Dynasty Pack in the Elemental Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

All and Nothing features three copies of twenty new cards, and continues the themes found throughout the Elemental Cycle. Expect to find powerful new Shugenja, a holding for the Phoenix, a neutral Philosophy, and more!

Pragmatic Purifiers

Even in their darkest hour, the Crab continue to defend the Emerald Empire from the nightmares to the south—giving no thought to enlightenment, they do what must be done to protect the Empire, lest Rokugan dissolve into nothing. The Tainted Hero  (All and Nothing, 83) knows the task at hand, and even if he must soon succumb to the encroaching darkness, he will continue to fight for the safety of Rokugan as long as he can. However, this hero can only attack or defend should one of his allies make the ultimate sacrifice, allowing the Tainted Hero to blank his own text box and join the battle. Sacrificing an ally may seem like a heavy cost, but there are other ways to calm the Tainted Hero without spilling blood. As a Berserker, the Tainted Hero can also be moved into the conflict via Crisis Breaker  (Fate Has No Secrets, 82). Since moving the Tainted Hero into the conflict does not constitute declaring him as an attacker or defender, he is free to contribute his sizeable skill to the battle. 

This vicious warrior can singlehandedly break provinces, but is the sacrifice worth it? While the Tainted Hero is a powerful character, the Crab must ask themselves if they are willing to go to such lengths to defend Rokugan. Is it worth it to repurpose their tainted warriors into killing machines and risk further exposure to the darkness of the Shadowlands?

Dueling Wordsmiths

The Crane, meanwhile, use much more civil methods to defeat their foes. Rather than tetsubos and berserk fury, the Crane battle with their words and art, acting with incomparable finesse. The Callow Delegate  (All and Nothing, 85) is inexperienced in the ways of the Crane, but he has potential. His stats are unimpressive, since he only offers a single political skill. However, when he leaves the battlefield, you may honor a character you control. This makes the Callow Delegate an ideal target to play on the field with no fate. You'll immediately receive an advantage when he leaves the field, and it gives you a chance to honor a powerful character like Kakita Yoshi  (Into the Forbidden City, 43). The Callow Delegate may not be threatening on his own, but provides a strong benefit when he leaves play. And of course, if you have the Asahina Storyteller  (Core Set, 50) on the field, you receive an even bigger boost from honoring your Crane characters in the form of more conflict cards!

The Crane are master wordsmiths, but this does not come easy. Every aspect of Crane life assists them in becoming a better orator, and even their recreation puts these skills to the test. Sadane is a game of verbal sparring and polite insults, and it's no surprise that it's extremely popular among the Crane. A  Game of Sadane  (All and Nothing, 93) enters Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game as a political duel, with the winner becoming honored and the loser becoming dishonored. Since you get to pick both of these targets during a conflict, you can nearly ensure your victory, lowering your opponent’s overall skill while raising yours. This verbal contest can lead to major swings in skill, especially if you manage to honor a high-glory character like Doji Hotaru  (Core Set, 52) herself.

Watchers of the Void

Of course, All and Nothing also contains cards examining the mysteries of the Void. Those who study the element face danger and wonder every time they stare into the vast emptiness and all-encompassing mass of the element.

The Ethereal Dreamer  (All and Nothing, 89) is a Phoenix Shugenja who is flexible enough to become a major player in any of your conflicts to come. At the start of your conflict phase, you choose a ring, and the Dreamer skills are greatly increased while you are contesting that ring. Of course, you have to be able to plan ahead and keep in mind what rings you’d like to take for the turn, or the Ethereal Dreamer won't be able to contribute greatly to your success. This is especially true if you are looking to claim a specific ring to trigger an effect, such as the one found on Isawa Tadaka  (Disciples of the Void, 10). If you can use Ethereal Dreamer to claim the Earth Ring with the Elemental Master on the field, you can lock your opponent out of their best events, helping you to claim a resounding victory. 

All and Nothing

The Crab’s struggle to defend, the Crane’s words as deadly a blade, the magic of the Phoenix, all are insignificant next to the Void. The Void is nothing, the Void is all. And with the elements out of balance, the Void threatens to overtake Rokugan.

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