A Crane Takes Flight

Read a New Short Story Set in the World of Legend of the Five Rings


Regret is a sin.
   –D.G. Laderoute, A Crane Takes Flight

For any Great Clan of Rokugan, defeat is a difficult concept to come to terms with. For the Crane, the pinnacle of perfection and grace, it is especially so. However, it is something they are becoming accustomed to. Constant battles with the Lion over the city of Toshi Ranbo have reduced the Crane’s forces, a tsunami has depleted many of their crops and resources, and precious cargo at sea goes mysteriously missing. These setbacks are devastating for a clan trying to finance a war and maintain their way of life.

But the Crane are not so easily defeated, and with Clan Champion Doji Hotaru leading them, they will continue to fight for their honor. But what cost is too high? Does the inexperienced champion have the leadership skills to navigate the Crane through this difficult time? Will the Crane lose their identity in their struggle to survive? And is there a greater threat that hides behind these challenges, waiting just out of view?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present “A Crane Takes Flight” by D.G. Laderoute, a new short story set in the world of Legend of the Five Rings!

Smoke on the Battlefield

“A Crane Takes Flight” focuses on Doji Hotaru of the Crane Clan and references information found in “The Fate of Flames” (1.1 MB) and “The Fires of Justice” (1.8 MB). You can download the story here (1.8 MB)!

“A Crane Takes Flight” also marks the return of web fiction for Legend of the Five Rings! Be sure to visit the website every Wednesday for the next five weeks to read new stories set in the land of Rokugan. Also, don't forget to explore the world of Rokugan for yourself in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, Battle for Rokugan, and Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying!

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