The Flow of Battle

The Ebb and Flow for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Is Available Now


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As power in the Emerald Empire shifts and bends between the Great Clans, flexibility is the key to victory. Clans that embrace the adaptability of water will see their standing soar in Rokugan. However, as the elements fall out of balance, the docile river can become a raging storm, threatening to tear the Great Clans apart at the seams.

The Ebb and Flow, the fourth Dynasty Pack in the Elemental Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game is available now from your local retailer or our website!

The Ebb and Flow continues the themes of the Elemental Cycle, introducing new Shugenja and Spells that interact with the element of water. Also look for a new Crab province, a new Scorpion holding, and the first appearance of Yoritomo, the leader of the sea-faring Mantis Clan!

Command the Waves

Like the waves, the Unicorn are flexible, adapting back into Rokugan after an extended absence. Though their customs may seem odd to others, they can command the elements just as well as any of the Great Clans… in their own unique way.

The Master of the Swift Waves  (The Ebb and Flow, 69) is a Unicorn Shugenja who can make your forces move like the ocean. During a conflict, she lets you swap any participating character you control with a character in your home area, instantly changing the makeup of the fight. One of the Unicorn’s major themes is moving characters in and out of combat, but many of their tricks are limited to Cavalry characters, like the effect on Golden Plains Outpost  (Core Set, 7), or can only move a single character, like Dispatch  (All and Nothing, 99). Master of the Swift Waves gives you the flexibility to edit your conflicts on the fly, removing your heavy hitters from a losing battle or surprising your opponent with a last-minute surge of skill.

Furthermore, as a Cavalry character, Master of the Swift Waves can be a target of many of the Unicorn’s best tools, including Cavalry Reserves  (Core Set, 199). And as a Shugenja, the character can be the conduit for some of the most powerful Spells in the Elemental Cycle.

This includes a new Water  Spell featured in The Ebb and Flow, Force of the River  (The Ebb and Flow, 80). This Spell acts as an attachment on a Shugenja you control, and it allows you to use the facedown cards in your provinces as one military skill, zero glory Spirit Cavalry characters. While these characters disappear at the end of a conflict, the sheer number of additional characters can give the Unicorn a major advantage. Shinjo Shono  (Breath of the Kami, 11) offers a real bonus when you have more participating characters than your opponent, and he is not the only card in the Elemental Cycle that uses this condition as a prerequisite. As the Unicorn continue to grow, outnumbering their opponent will become an important tactical advantage in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Rot and Corruption

The Crab take heavy losses in their war against the forces of the Shadowlands. The constant war is taxing for all sides, and when the dust settles on the bloody battles south of the wall, rot and corruption reign. Flooded Waste  (The Ebb and Flow, 61) is a Crab province with only two strength. While this may seem to be easily broken, it has hidden depths—when the province is revealed you'll bow all attacking characters. Whether the incoming conflict is military or political, this province erases all incoming skill and gives you a brief reprieve from the conflict. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t commit defenders! If you’re not careful, conflict characters like Adept of Shadows  (Core Set, 180) can single-handedly break the province if they come into play after it's revealed. However, Flooded Waste is still a province that nearly guarantees your opponent will have to attack twice to break it. Though the second conflict will be much harder for you to defend, the momentum shift from the province's reveal can win games for the Crab. 

The Chosen Champion

The Ebb and Flow also introduces  Ofushikai  (The Ebb and Flow, 78) officially to Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game! While The Sword and the Spirits novella featured a promotional full art version of the card, its official release in The Ebb and Flow means it will be legal for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game competitive play! This Weapon can only be attached a unique Phoenix character, and it greatly improves their military skill and political standing. Moreover, if the character is a Champion, you can even send a participating character home during a conflict. While this is a powerful ability, only two characters can use the sword to its full potential;  Shiba Tsukune  (Core Set, 93), or Yoritomo  (The Ebb and Flow, 70) after he has been granted a Seal of the Phoenix  (The Chrysanthemum Throne, 77). Ofushikai is a powerful tool, and only those who dare to bear the weight of its responsibilities may wield it.

The Flow of Battle

Water is flexible and adaptable. Using this element in Spells is no easy task, but the results can be overwhelming. Harnessing the power of the raging river can eliminate all who stand in your way, and leave your enemies devastated. But what happens when water has no outlet? When it turns into a fearsome storm and destroys all that stands before it? Will any of the Great Clans survive?

Feel the flow of battle. The Ebb and Flow (L5C12) is available now from your local retailer or our website!

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