Secrets of Devil Reef

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As Father Sun and Mother Moon join with the Earth in blood, Father Dagon and Mother Hydra will join in the deep to usher the third of their triune into the world of Man. And lo, the Three shall be as One and rule eternally over the world of mankind.
  –Prophesiae Profana

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Leave your fears on the docks.

Silas Marsh has spent most of his life voyaging across the world, but there is one place where the sailor has always refused to go—home. But since the death of his parents, Silas has been troubled by terrible dreams, and the only hope for curing his malady rests in fear-shadowed Innsmouth. To make matters worse, Silas’s return to New England is further complicated by a desperate librarian seeking answers of her own about dark prophesies… prophesies centered on the same creatures that haunt his dreams.

The Deep Gate, a new Arkham Horror Files novella including four new cards for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, is now available at your local retailer or online through our website!

Upon the Slimy Sea

The Deep Gate spins a harrowing tale of terror and bravery as Silas struggles to uncover the truth of his family and the  Dreams of the Deep (The Deep Gate, 15) that haunt his nights, while still assisting librarian Abigail Foreman to unlock the mysteries of the Prophesiae Profana. As you read, you can investigate the mystery alongside Silas with the novella's fifteen pages of full-color inserts, including maps, letters, and pages ripped from the cursed tome to immerse you in the peril of Silas’s tale.

In addition to the story, The Deep Gate comes with four cards that allow you to add the tale’s protagonist to your team of investigators in Arkham Horror: The Card Game. With a health of nine and a sanity of five, Silas Marsh (The Deep Gate, 13) is a hardened survivor who does not believe in what he cannot see. Along with his Nautical Prowess (The Deep Gate, 14) gained from years at sea, Silas’s natural resourcefulness gives him the signature ability to, once per round, return a skill card committed to a test to his hand after he reveals a chaos token, allowing him to gauge the situation and make an informed decision. Silas will be released in another Arkham Horror: The Card Game product at a later date, but this is his first appearance in the game. 

Thus Spoke the Mariner

As you prepare to set sail for Innsmouth with Silas Marsh, we turn to author Chris A. Jackson for insight into what awaits within the pages of The Deep Gate. This novella is Jackson’s first dive into the horror genre, but as both a sailor and gamer, nautical and game tie-in fantasy are a natural fit for the writer.

Fantasy Flight Games: What do you think readers will enjoy most about The Deep Gate?

Chris A. Jackson: I'm pretty proud of two aspects of the story: the authenticity of the nautical aspects and the pacing of the story overall. I've been on the water most of my life, from my father's fishing boat as a kid, to my own sailboat now. I also grew up in a small, decaying seaport town in Oregon that bears a frightening resemblance to Innsmouth—it's the same tightly-knit community of seafarers distrustful of strangers. Silas driving into Innsmouth felt like going home… and it wasn't a welcome feeling. As for pacing, I worked hard with my editors to ramp up the tension slowly, increasing the pitch of terror in tiny steps before the final confrontation. I think we nailed it.

FFG: What insights can you give us into the mind of Silas Marsh?

CJ: Silas is the archetypical physically-capable-but-emotionally-fragile unwilling hero. He's not scared of a single thing in the world that he can fight with his fists or match with his skills as a sailor, but when it comes to his own inner demons, he's daunted to the point of utter denial. Growing up in Innsmouth has given him a lot of baggage. Being shown the reality of his nightmares very nearly unhinges him. Being told he must face them and fight them in the cold, dark depths of the sea, with the voices of the Deep Ones echoing in his head, utterly terrifies him. Luckily, he's got help.

FFG: Do you think that you would survive the world of Arkham Horror Files?

CJ: I'd like to think so. I don't know if I have the courage to face something supernatural, but I'm a fairly resourceful guy. Scientist, sailor, and jack of all trades. I might not be the hero, but I might be her sidekick; the guy who fixes the flat tire while she fights off the monsters or repairs the boat engine as Deep Ones are crawling up over the side. Sure… I could do that!

How do you plan to celebrate when The Deep Gate is released?

CJ: All-night gaming session, of course! Complete with spooky music, good friends, and bootleg whiskey! Shotguns optional.

All Hands on Deck

Thanks, Chris!

To add Silas Marsh to your team of investigators and experience the horror of The Deep Gate for yourself, be sure to grab your own copy of The Deep Gate at your local retailer or on the FFG website. What horrors will you discover drowned in Devil Reef? The only way to find out is to steel your nerves and set sail!

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