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Previewing the X-Wing Second Edition Content of the Saw's Renegades Expansion Pack


“You give way to an enemy this evil with this much power and you condemn the galaxy to an eternity of submission. The time to fight is now!”
–Jyn Erso, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

When Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released, we got a glimpse at a side of the Rebel Alliance that we had never seen before. Chiefly, we were introduced to Saw Gerrera and his unique brand of resistance against the Empire. Even though his extreme tactics were condemned by some, Saw and his Partisans played a critical role in the foundation of the Alliance.

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Similarly, Saw will also be key in establishing a new era of interstellar combat in the Star Wars galaxy when X-Wing™ Second Edition launches on September 13th, 2018. The Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack will bridge the gap between the first and second editions by including components compatible with both. On top of the T-65 X-wing and UT-60D U-wing miniatures painted in the striking black-and-white paint scheme of Saw's Partisans, this expansion also contains second edition versions of all ship cards and tokens as well as a plastic medium base to fully bring your U-wing into the second edition.

Rounding out the second edition content are a complement of twelve upgrade cards that will give you a taste of the new edition when the Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack is released in the second quarter of 2018. These cards expand the already vast pool of upgrades that will be available through the X-Wing Second Edition Core Set and the seven ship expansions releasing alongside it, giving you a wide array of options for customizing your squadrons from the very beginning of X-Wing Second Edition. We’ve already shown you many of the first edition cards included in this expansion. Today, we’re happy to present a preview of the second edition content included in the Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack!

A New Generation

The T-65 X-wing is a versatile starfighter that forms the cornerstone of many Rebel starfighter squadrons. Saw Gerrera and his followers share the Rebellion’s taste for the T-65 and the Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack gives you access to even more T-65 X-wing pilots from the start of X-Wing Second Edition.

Our announcement revealed that this classic ship has been given some new capabilities in the second edition and Saw’s Partisans are ready to take full advantage of them. A pilot like Leevan Tenza,  for example, syncs perfectly with the T-65’s newfound ability to open and close its S-foils. He can perform a red evade action after executing a barrel roll or a boost, so he’ll always have this option no matter what position his S-foils are in.

Kullbee Sperado,  meanwhile, can switch the position of his S-foils with lightning-quick reflexes, flipping his Servomotor S-foils upgrade card after performing a barrel roll or boost. This frees him to focus while his S-foils are closed, perform a red boost action, then open his S-foils and prepare to attack, all in a single activation.

Other pilots, such as Edrio Two Tubes,  rely on their squadmates to make the most of their abilities. Edrio can immediately perform an action after being activated, but he must be focused to do so. This makes him a perfect wingman for his eggmate, Benthic,  who can transfer a focus token from his U-wing to a nearby friendly ship after performing a focus action. 

Striking Back

In addition to introducing us to Saw and his Partisans, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story also gave us our first on-screen look at the UT-60D U-wing starfighter. The preferred ship of Saw Gerrera himself, the U-wing gets its own updates for X-Wing Second Edition that open up new tactical possibilities for this Rebel troop transport. It now sports a red coordinate action in addition to its focus and target lock, allowing it to act as a mobile command center and dole out actions to friendly ships in the thick of battle.

Beyond this, the second edition pilots you’ll find in the Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack bring their own flavor to the U-wing. Saw’s followers are known for their fanatical devotion to the cause of freedom and Saw Gerrera himself excels at pushing those fighting alongside him to make the ultimate sacrifice. While Saw is piloting a U-wing, nearby damaged friendly ships gain the ability to reroll an attack die, encouraging them to stay in the fight even when the situation is dire. But this doesn’t mean Saw isn’t willing to put himself in harm’s way. On the contrary, if he is a crewmember on a ship, he can force the ship to suffer one damage to change all of its focus results to critical results while attacking.

Magva Yarro,  on the other hand, is fiercely loyal to those she fights alongside. In fact, she puts so much pressure on ships attacking her squadmates that they can only reroll one attack die. Similarly, while Magva Yarro is aboard a ship that gets hit by an attack, her ship can prepare to return fire by acquiring a lock on the attacker.

While the pilots in Saw's cadre of freedom fighters fight alongside their Rebel brethren in X-Wing Second Edition, as a splinter group, they remain notably distinct from other Rebels in X-Wing Second Edition. Their existence on the fringes of the Rebellion gives them an edge not seen by other, more mainstream Rebel pilots. As a result, every pilot included in the Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack can also equip an Illicit upgrade such as the Deadman's Switch.

The ability to equip Illicit upgrades certainly makes Saw and the rest of his followers unique among T-65 and U-wing pilots, but this expansion also contains a number of other upgrades that can be equipped by other members of the Rebel Alliance and beyond. You might give an already daring pilot the ability to pull off a Trick Shot,  for example, rolling an extra attack die while your attack is obstructed by an obstacle.

The Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack is also the first place to find the second edition version of a powerful System upgrade like Advanced Sensors.  Allowing you to perform an action after you reveal your maneuver dial, Advanced Sensors gives you the chance to react to the evolving battle around you before you execute your maneuver.

Rebel Spirit

Although some may label him an extremist, Saw Gerrera is steadfast in his resistance to the Empire. Soon, you will be able to join his fight for freedom as it shifts to the new era of starfighter combat of X-Wing Second Edition. Man your ships and fly for freedom!

Look for the Saw's Renegades Expansion Pack (SWX74) in stores late in the second quarter of 2018. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website today!

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