A New Breath

Breath of the Kami Is Available Now for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game


Order your own copy of Breath of the Kami at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Throughout Rokugan, mystical shugenja harness the power of the Five Elements and use them to serve their clan with powerful spells. But as the elements fall out of balance, these concerns will grow to affect all of Rokugan. Can the Emerald Empire survive when the very land transforms into a storm of fury?

The time for action is now. Breath of the Kami, the first Dynasty Pack in the Elemental Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game is now available from your local retailer or our website!

Breath of the Kami kicks off the key themes of the Elemental Cycle, bringing powerful Air Shugenja and Spells to the world of Rokugan. Along with these new cards, you can look for the introduction of the Mantis Clan with Yoritomo's most trusted advisor! Breath of the Kami is only your first step in the journey of the Elemental Cycle. Look for a new pack every week for the next five weeks as the elements unleash their fury!

Mighty Defenders

The Elemental Cycle sees the Crab Clan continuing to defend Rokugan from the horrors to the south. Every warrior is vital to this fight, from Hida Kisada  (Core Set, 37) to nameless scouts, and each one is willing to give their life for the cause.

The Third Tower Guard  (Breath of the Kami, 4) is a one-cost character with one military and one political skill. While this Bushi may not seem exemplary, their military skill increases when you have claimed the Earth or Water Ring. Having three military skill for just one fate is an impressive ration, and the Third Tower Guard is just one of a cycle of cards for each clan that receive a stat boost when you claim one of two specific rings. These cards present an excellent value if you can manage to claim their rings of choice, and they will help lead your clan to victory as the Elemental Cycle unfolds!

The Crab also receive a new holding in Breath of the Kami that, like Watch Commander  (Core Set, 133), specializes in draining your opponent’s honor. Hiruma Outpost  (Breath of the Kami, 5) is a holding that raises its province's strength by two, and while it is in an unbroken province, your opponent must lose an honor when they attack a province that doesn't have a holding! This can put your opponent in a very difficult position. Either they must declare conflicts at your most fortified positions, or they risk losing their honor, hamstringing them on draw bids, and potentially inching them closer to a loss via dishonor.

With a duty to defend the wall, further packs in the Elemental Cycle will explore how far the Crab are willing to go to keep the Shadowlands out. Will they sacrifice honor for duty? What price is too high to pay for the safety of Rokugan?

Vexing Tactics

One clan who is most familiar with the Crab’s plight is the Scorpion Clan. Forsaking honor for duty, the Scorpion do what is necessary to serve the Emperor.

The Soshi Shadowshaper  (Breath of the Kami, 9) is one such Scorpion, letting you spend honor to veil others in shadows. During a conflict, you may lose an honor to choose a participating character that entered play from a player’s hand and return that character to its owner’s hand. Conflict characters can take you by surprise, boosting your opponent’s skill total and potentially spelling failure for the Scorpion. However, with the Soshi Shadowshaper on the field, any intrusion can be quickly dealt with, and the Scorpion can remain in control. The surprise appearance of a new foe is no obstacle to one who controls the very shadows in which the Scorpion love to hide.

Even the Scorpion’s spells are manipulative and tricky. Maze of Illusion  (Breath of the Kami, 20) is a perplexing one-cost spell that can leave your opponent’s character ensnared in confusion and introduces a totally new way to use your honor dial. During a conflict, you may choose a character controlled by an opponent. Then, you'll secretly select a number on your honor dial. Finally, your opponent must guess whether the number you chose is even or odd. If they are proven wrong when you reveal your dial, you'll bow and dishonor the chosen character! It may seem random, but for one fate and the opportunity to severely harm one of your foes, it can easily be worth it to trap your foes in a maze of illusion.

This is just a sample of the Scorpion’s power in the Elemental Cycle—you'll find more spells that perplex and characters that thrive on dishonor in upcoming Dynasty Packs!

A New Breath

The Elemental Cycle has arrived, and with it, the fury of the elements. As the precarious balance begins to tip, who will remain safe in the Emerald Empire, and what clan will prove themselves superior to their peers? Find out today with Breath of the Kami!

Take your first step and purchase Breath of the Kami (L5C09) from your local retailer or our website today!

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