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Preview the Campaign in Tyrants of Lothal

"Stand up together, because that's when we're strongest—as one."
   –Ezra Bridger, Star Wars: Rebels

Lothal was once a luscious planet, full of wildlife and beauty. Then, the Empire came. Transforming Lothal into a machine of automation and industry, the planet slowly morphed into miles of industrial wastelands. The Empire, led by Grand Admiral Thrawn, keeps a tight fist clenched around the planet, but some have chosen to fight, joining small rebel cells scattered across the galaxy. Now, it’s your turn to stand up for Lothal!

Join us today as we preview new Rebel and Imperial campaign options found in the Tyrants of Lothal expansion for Imperial Assault!

The mini-campaign included in Tyrants of Lothal features six thrilling missions and introduces many concepts and characters from Star Wars: Rebels into Imperial Assault. While these characters are essential to the Tyrants of Lothal campaign, Imperial Assault is your story, and it will be your own characters who make the biggest impact.


In our announcement article, we introduced Tress Hacnua, a cybernetic brawler who uses various styles of fighting to take down any threat. While Tress can hold her own against the forces of the Empire, every good hero needs a partner. Teaming up with Tress in Tyrants of Lothal is CT-1701.  An old Clone Trooper known for his barrage of covering fire, CT-1701 is the perfect character to select if you’re looking to lay down a ton of fire while supporting your teammates.

The Barrage ability lets you take two stress after you resolve an attack with a ranged weapon to perform another attack with that weapon against a nearby target. During this second attack, however, your target gains an additional white die for defense. While CT-1701 is an expert at providing a wide array of fire, he’s not always the most accurate. Still, he can compensate with his ability to Focus Fire, increasing his aim by spending surges to gain damage power tokens!

First introduced in Heart of the Empire, these power tokens can be spent to add their result to your rolls, in this case, making CT-1701 more efficient by adding damage and shoring up his biggest weakness. CT-1701’s most reliable and commonly used weapon is undoubtedly the standard-issue  DC-15S Blaster.  While it only rolls two green dice, it can certainly help ensure that future attacks will pack a punch.  After you resolve an attack with this weapon, if the target took no damage, CT-1701 gains a damage power token. Even if you're not dealing damage in the moment, CT-1701's suppressive fire is certain to yield rewards.

When you start to combine these abilities together, it's plain to see that CT-1701 can easily reach his limit of two power tokens. This is where Reload comes in handy. Not only does this Class card allow you to stack up three power tokens on CT-1701, Reload can also be exhausted after you rest to gain two damage power tokens, ensuring that CT-1701 is always stocked up.

Overwhelming Oppression

Of course, the Imperial player also gains new tricks in Tyrants of Lothal, including everything from new enemy groups to the Overwhelming Oppression Imperial Class.

In our announcement, we revealed the terrifying Death Troopers that will oppose the heroes of Tyrants of Lothal, but the box also contains the Loth-cat,  a nimble creature that closes distance quickly before assaulting its foe. You can use the Loth-cat's natural evasiveness to grant a block power token to the Loth-cat or any adjacent Creature. Alternatively, you could gain the power token of your choice if the Loth-cat is elite.

The power tokens that you gain are essential to the new Overwhelming Oppression class. Cards like Redouble Our Efforts let you place damage power tokens or block power tokens on a card in your hand, allowing you to prepare for a full assault. Furthermore, you may exhaust Redouble Our Efforts when an Imperial figure is defeated to redistribute their power tokens among other friendly figures!

This synergizes well with Limitless Arsenal,  which allows you to replace an Imperial figure's attack pool with the attack pool of any Deployment card in your hand that has at least one surge or damage power token on it. Not only does this invite you to enhance the weaker attack pools among your forces, it lets you get value out of your Deployment cards before you even pay for them.

By enhancing your forces before they even hit the field, Overwhelming Oppression puts constant pressure on the rebels, and makes their missions exceptionally difficult.

Looking for Adventure

Tyrants of Lothal sees your heroes joining the burgeoning Rebel Alliance with the help of the cast of Star Wars: Rebels! Six side missions see you interrupting the Empire’s plans by intercepting supplies, defending stolen AT-ATs, and more. And of course, these missions can all be linked together as their own mini-campaign, or individually pulled into a larger campaign as side missions!

Your hunger for freedom and justice in the galaxy might be great, but you still have to start small. With a little help from the respectable businessman Hondo Ohnaka, your team must intercept a shipment of Imperial weapons and take them as your own. Of course, as with any plan, nothing goes exactly as you thought, and you’ll have to work together to not just join the rebels, but make it out alive!

Your first mission, Call to Action, sees you disrupting Imperial plans with the help of a shady ally...

This humble beginning is just the start of your adventures—join the crew of the Ghost in their battle against Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Tyrants of Lothal!

The Rebel's Newest Recruits

As with any Imperial Assault campaign, your performance in these missions determines your crew’s level of success. But it won’t be easy: a legion of Imperial soldiers, led by the tactical genius Thrawn stand between you and success. The Empire is growing in power every day, and they must be stopped soon. The time has come to take up arms and join the Rebel Alliance, but can your heroes survive against the tyrants of Lothal?

Find out with Tyrants of Lothal (SWI54), available now for pre-order from your local retailer!

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