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Previewing the Three New Species Introduced in Unlimited Power

“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."
Yoda, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

The Force has always been a source of mystery. Infinitely powerful and impossibly vast, the enigma that is the Force has motivated the iconic characters in the Star Wars™ galaxy to not only attempt daring feats of heroism, but nefarious deeds of unfathomable evil. Ultimately though, it comes down to choice: do you champion the light or are you a servant of the dark? It’s the  making of these choices that drives your characters in your Force and Destiny campaigns to commune with the energy that binds us all together. And while there are endless different ways to commune with the Force, the career in Force and Destiny that explores as many of those as possible is the Mystic. Unlimited Power gives Mystic players all-new options to expand your campaign.

In addition to three new Mystic specializations and a veritable hoard of gear, equipment, and vehicles, Unlimited Power showcases three new species, each of which is particularly skilled in the Force. The Thisspiasian, Tholothian, and Vurk offer three different ways of looking at the Force and each seems uniquely suited to the Mystic career.

Every living creature has a relationship with the Force, but in today's preview of Unlimited Power, we will highlight these three new races and their unique ties to the Force. You can pre-order your copy of Unlimited Power at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!

Thisspiasian: Defiant, Passionate, and Disciplined

An apparent contradiction to outsiders, Thisspiasians are one of the most passionate species in the galaxy, yet they temper that passion with a disciplined calm. They are quick to learn and discover, yet deeply ingrained with tradition. Under the rule of the Galactic Empire, many species have had their spirits beaten down, their drives weakened, and their wills sapped, but the Thisspiasians are defiant in the face of such oppression. Their passion and discipline alone could very well spawn a new generation of Force-sensitive warriors.

At two meters tall, a Thisspiasian's height would make it easy to stand out in a crowd, but with their serpentine bodies, four arms, and distinctive beards, a Thisspiasian is a sight to behold. Most characters know of the Thisspiasians solely from those who volunteered to serve the Galactic Republic's military, displaying incredible passion and aggression on the battlefield while remaining calm and reasonable once the fight was finished. Although this tranquil, calm nature is what many remember of the Thisspiasians, they often relax around friends and family and can be loud and even boisterous around those they trust.

Players who choose a Thisspiasian will begin the game with one rank in Discipline and benefit from the species's unique form of rest. Instead of sleeping, the Thisspiasian enters a trance-like state for two hours and enjoys the benefits of a full night of sleep; they can also use this trance-like state to meditate and heal strain.

Tholothian: Unassuming, Assimilating

Few can boast a legacy like the Tholothians. As one of the oldest civilizations of the Republic, the people of Tholoth had fully integrated into the galaxy until the Republic fell. Under the rule of the Galactic Empire, the planet and culture of Tholoth have been drastically altered. Once teeming with life from across the galaxy, Imperial censors have diligently removed all non-Tholothians from the planet and are working to remove anything considered foreign from the culture. Given the Tholothians' early acceptance and integration of other societies, this has greatly destabilized their people and culture.

Tholothians' long relationship with the Republic meant continual contact with Jedi and the Jedi Order. Stormtroopers razed the most obvious Jedi temples, but smaller, more isolated refuges went unnoticed, blending into the overgrowth as if Tholoth itself had gone feral. A small cave system or single-story building once used by the Jedi might now house Tholothians communing with the Force or organizing in opposition to the Empire and its censors.

Players who choose a Tholothian will have a humanoid appearance with clear tendrils descending from their back, featuring blue or violet eyes, and trading hair for scales. Tholothians are natural cultural adopters and are more skilled at social interactions with non-Tholothians. They also begin the game with one rank in Knowledge (Xenology).

Vurk: Galactic Nomads

A reptilian race from the planet of Sembia (also known as Utavurk), the Vurk are routinely underestimated throughout the galaxy—possibly due to their general disinterest in technology and industrialization. It is not uncommon for an entire village to decide to move, even off-planet, but unlike many other nomadic species, the Vurk will relocate for philosophical needs. Though a village might decide to move, they do not always move together; indeed, many integrate with other communities or form new ones. Many mature Vurk have lived in a half-dozen or more different communities.

The Vurk feature tall head-crests and dark, bulbous eyes. Capable of breathing underwater, their homeworld featured the perfect blend of warm waters and atmosphere that enables the Vurk to breathe open air as well. Though they prefer these warmer, humid climates, the Vurk are able to function away from such ideal climates. While in these less natural climates, like the cold of a spaceship, the Vurk wear heavy clothing, drink warm beverages, and take hot baths to control their core body temperature.

Players who choose the Vurk will have an interesting relationship with the Force, often relating it to a body of water—both due to their aquatic nature and the way the Vurk have distributed themselves like rain across planets. In addition to their amphibious nature, a Vurk character begins the game with one rank in Negotiation due to the frequency with which they must interact with other cultures.

Discover Unlimited Power

It is a part of their nature that the path of the Mystic is a unique one, and these species are just three choices given to players in Unlimited Power. Reconsider what the Force means in your campaign and expand the options available for Mystic player characters and adventures around Mystics. With new specializations, new Force powers, and new adventure hooks, Unlimited Power offers a vast number of tools with which to explore the mysteries of the Force.

Begin your search for answers by pre-ordering Unlimited Power (SWF52) from your local retailer or our webstore here today!

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