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Unlimited Power Is Now Available

“The Force is what gives a Jedi his power.”
   –Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: A New Hope

Unlimited Power, an all-new sourcebook focused on the Mystic career path in the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny roleplaying game, is available now at your local hobby retailer or in the Fantasy Flight Games online store here!

The Star Wars galaxy is as much a realm of magic and mysticism as it is science and technology, and the Mystic career path has allowed players the opportunity to explore less traditional ways of communing with the Force.  Unlimited Power opens up three new specializations, doubling the number of options available to Mystics in your campaign. More than just a supplement for Mystic characters, Unlimited Power adds three new species to your Force and Destiny campaigns as well as new Force powers, gear, vehicles, and adventure possibilities.

Unlimited Power also details the precarious path to the dark side, should a player's morality fail and he or she succumb to the temptation of power—at the cost of all else.

New Career Specializations

In the Force and Destiny core rulebook, players were introduced to the Mystic career through the Advisor, Seer, and Makashi Duelist specializations, but there are as many ways of communing with the Force as there are species in the galaxy. Unlimited Power adds three new options for the Mystic in your campaign:

  • Alchemist: Practically forbidden by the Jedi Order, alchemy is the process of permanently imbuing a physical object with some aspect of the Force. The alchemist can develop talismans, potions, and poisons, making them essential support for a campaign that might need the more esoteric applications of the Force.
  • Magus: The Magus seeks knowledge above all else, particularly knowledge in opposition to the teachings of the Jedi Order. The pursuit of forbidden knowledge can be a dangerous path, but a Magus walks it to know how others have communed with the Force and how he or she may better understand it and harness its power.
  • Prophet: A Prophet spreads knowledge of the Force to inspire hope in his or her followers, interpreting the will of the Force for the average citizen. In the era of the Galactic Empire, however, some Prophets have taken to inspiring false hope and manipulating those who need guidance the most.

Unlimited Power elaborates on the original Mystic specializations and breaks down key differences between these new options so players can set forth in new direction with their understanding of the Force or perhaps begin a new path with a new specialization.

New Species

Any species that has had contact with the Force has developed their own way of communicating with it, their own rituals and practices. There are some species, however, that have developed particularly unique ways of interacting with the Force, and three are highlighted in Unlimited Power:

  • Thisspiasian: Flipping from passionate debate (or combat) to an almost eerie calm, the Thisspiasian appears a contradiction to many outsiders. At two meters tall and featuring serpentine, four-armed bodies, they stand out in a crowd. Their unique demeanor makes them particularly aware of the give and take of the Force.
  • Tholothian: Mostly humanoid in appearance, Tholothians trade hair for scales, have clear tendrils descending from their back and typically have blue or violet eyes. As one of the oldest civilizations in the Republic, Tholoth has some of the first temples to the Force, but recent Imperial sanctions have closed their culture to outsiders.
  • Vurk: A nomadic species known for their disinterest in technology, the reptilian Vurk feature tall head crests and dark bulbous eyes. Able to breathe underwater or live on land, they are particularly adaptable. Their aquatic origins leave many Vurk viewing the Force as a lake or winding river.

New Adventures and Power Awaits

Unlimited Power expands well beyond the core rulebook, and this is just the start. You'll find new weapons and gear, vehicles and starships, adventures and story ideas in the sourcebook. For campaigns that have long walked the line between the light and the dark sides of the Force, Unlimited Power provides greater tools to explore a character's fall to—and perhaps redemption from—the dark side.

Unlimited Power (SWF52) is available now; start walking new paths and discovering the Force in new ways when you pick up your copy at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!

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