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Preview the Anarch and NBN Cards in Reign and Reverie


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Possibilities are endless in the Midwest Metropolis of ChiLo. Runners have more freedom than ever before. In this crime-ridden city, as around the world, there is always a way to make a credit for even the craziest job, and the thrill of the run is more profitable than ever. However, it all comes with a cost. NBN is always watching, and in the city of ChiLo, they have developed a niche as the go-to corporation for surveillance and investigation. Nothing happens in ChiLo without NBN knowing, and the megacorporation has eyes everywhere. 

Join us today as we preview the Anarch and NBN cards found in Reign and Reverie, a new deluxe expansion for Android: Netrunner The Card Game. Anarchs receive new tools that push them even closer to the brink in the form of new hardware, programs, and even a new identity. Meanwhile, NBN keeps a watchful eye on everything happening in the city with their own advancements in technology.

Run Free

Living close to the edge of life and death, Anarchs thrive on the luck of the draw. High risk-high reward is their motto, and they burn through cards at a rapid rate. Now, there is a whole identity based around having as few cards in your grip as possible.

Nathaniel "Gnat" Hall  (Reign and Reverie, 1) is one of the youngest runners to date, and he becomes increasing resourceful when his back is against the wall.

When your turn begins, if you have two or fewer cards in your grip, Gnat allows you to gain one credit. Cards like The Noble Path  (The Liberated Mind, 77) will artificially reduce the size of your grip, but Anarchs play fast and loose with their cards anyway, installing programs and hardware into their rig with reckless abandon. With a 40-card minimum for deckbuilding and motivation to cycle through cards quickly, you can easily find the cards you need while gaining credits with Gnat. Of course, if your grip starts getting a little too full, you can always use your brain space to make a profit. Guinea Pig  (Reign and Reverie, 3) allows you to gain ten credits at the cost of four credits…and the rest of your grip. While this would be a major penalty to any other faction, it turns on an entire economic engine for Gnat.

Gnat receives another bonus in the form of Cradle  (Reign and Reverie, 6), a decoder that becomes stronger as you empty your grip of cards. Cradle has a massive five strength, but that number is lowered by one for every card in your grip. Though you have no inherent way to boost its strength, you can spend two credits to break any number of code gate subroutines. If you have only one or two cards in your grip, Cradle can be a very economical option for getting into the corp's servers, and a timely Guinea Pig can give you all the resources you need to succeed.

An All-Seeing Threat

Though it's watching the entire world, NBN is a major presence in the city of ChiLo. With new advancements in surveillance and an understanding between the crime lords that run the city, NBN wields immeasurable power. 

With new ways to enhance their all-seeing eye, nothing gets by NBN in the city of crime. Acme Consulting  (Reign and Reverie, 42) is a new way for NBN to make a profit through finding the truth you need. NBN is always aware, and whenever a runner makes a move on Acme, the subsidiary are always one step ahead. Anytime the runner encounters the outermost piece of ice protecting a server, they are considered to have one additional tag. Making tags stick on a runner can be a difficult proposition for the corp, but for a brief window, Acme can be 100% certain the runner is tagged.

Reign and Reverie introduces the perfect companion to Acme Consulting in  Hydra  (Reign and Reverie, 46) an expensive sentry that can massively swing the momentum of the game in your favor. With three subroutines that produce nasty effects if the runner is tagged, Hydra makes the perfect outermost piece of ice for Acme. The Runner will have to deal with Hydra every time they run on the server it's protecting, and even if it no longer becomes the outer piece of ice, it can still leave the runner with plenty of tags if they can’t break its powerful subroutines.

While Hydra takes care of runners in cyberspace, Acme also has a whole suite of tools it uses for surveillance in the meatspace. In a city that holds countless secrets, Acme Consulting reveals the truth you need.

In ChiLo, nothing is private. Eavesdrop  (Reign and Reverie, 47) is an operation that spies on the runner as they try and bypass your security. Eavesdrop is hosted on a piece of ice and whenever the runner encounters that ice, it initiates a trace to give the runner a tag. NBN is notorious for taxing the runner with powerful sentries, and though they may not end the run, they will certainly cost money to break. Eavesdrop is a way to further tax the runner. You may even place it on ice like Hydra to “turn on” its subroutines and crush the runner. Either way, runners should never feel safe in the city of ChiLo—not with Acme Consulting on the case.

A Free City

While Anarchs can run with more freedom than ever in the Midwest Metropolis, someone is always watching, and there is always a price to pay. Who will come out on top—Anarchs who live closer to the brink of disaster than ever before, or NBN, whose knowledge has turned into complete power in the city of ChiLo? The choice is yours.

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