Finding Clarity

Announcing the Release Dates of the Elemental Cycle and Other Information


"We cannot always see that which guides our way."
   –Isawa Uona

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With the current state of elemental imbalance in Rokugan, divining the future can be a difficult task. However, a moment of clarity has crystalized, and the future of Rokugan has become clear.

Join us today as we peer behind the veil at the future of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, including the release dates of the Elemental Cycle and more!

Finding Balance

As previously announced, the Elemental Cycle is on its way to Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game! With the elements out of balance and Rokugan on the brink of war, ancient creatures lend their aid to the Great Clans in battle—while a minor clan looks to take destiny into its own hands. The Elemental Cycle is scheduled to begin on June 28th with the Breath of the Kami Dynasty Pack and continue with one Dynasty Pack releasing per week for the following five weeks:

  • June 28th: Breath of the Kami
  • July 5th: Tainted Lands
  • July 12th: The Fires Within
  • July 19th: The Ebb and Flow
  • July 26th: All and Nothing
  • August 2nd: Elements Unbound

Please note that, as per standard Organized Play practice, products released in the last eleven days will not be legal for the Grand Kotei taking place at Gen Con Indy 2018 (All and Nothing and Elements Unbound in this case). Look for previews for the Elemental Cycle to begin on June 6th, continuing every Wednesday!

What Lies Beyond

While the Elemental Cycle is the next stage of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game that you can look forward to, more lies beyond, waiting in the shadows. Look for an official announcement about this product on May 30th!

To the Future

Gen Con Indy 2018 will mark one year since the revival of Legend of the Five Rings and the stories of the Emerald Empire are just beginning—imbalance and chaos are bubbling, just below the surface. What clan will come out on top? Check back to the Fantasy Flight Games website every Wednesday for more Legend of the Five Rings information, including the final guest writer clan articles, the announcement of new products, and more. 

Find your clarity with the Elemental Cycle (L5C09-14) for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website

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