A New Age of Running

Announcing Three New Playmats for Android: Netrunner


Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present three new playmats for Android: Netrunner: The Card Game, available now for order from your local retailer or online through our website!

Celebrate a new era of Android: Netrunner after the game's first rotation with a trio of playmats depicting the cyberpunk universe of Android. These three slip-resistant mats allow you to run on servers in style, or intimidate the runner into making a deadly mistake. Read on for a view of the New World Order Playmat, the Hadrian’s Wall Playmat, and the Viktor 1.0 Playmat!

The New World Order

Celebrate a new era of Android: Netrunner with the New World Order Playmat, featuring the stunning art that can be found on the cover of the Revised Core Set. Whether you’re playing as the corp or runner, you can show your dedication to a world of cyber struggles in a dystopian future with this playmat showing off the vibrant world of Android.

An Impenetrable Barrier

The Weyland Consortium uses powerful barriers to stop the runner from getting through their servers, and few ice are as impenetrable as the mighty Hadrian’s Wall. Let the runner know they are going no further with a playmat featuring art of the screeching eagle that represents the iconic Weyland ice in cyberspace. The Hadrian's Wall Playmat is the perfect way to show the runner that their delve into corporate secrets is at an end.

The Hunter

While Weyland uses powerful barriers to keep runners out, Haas-Bioroid employs efficient bioroid ice that can hit the runner with a full arsenal of subroutines. Of these, few are as iconic as Viktor 1.0, a bioroid that can leave the runner with crippling, permanent brain damage before booting them out of your servers. You can tell the runner that Haas-Bioroid will defend their servers with some of the deadliest ice in the game with the Viktor 1.0 Playmat.

The New Age

Prepare for the changes that the world of Android brings with these three new playmats. Are you ready for a new age of running?

Prepare for cyber struggles with the New World Order Playmat (ADS13), the Hadrian’s Wall Playmat (ADS14), and the Viktor 1.0 Playmat (ADS15), available for order from our website or your local retailer today!

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