3 April 2018 | Star Wars: Legion

Maximum Firepower

Preview the General Veers Commander Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion

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“Prepare to target the main generator.”
   –General Veers, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Imperial troops are known across the galaxy for their great discipline, marching without hesitation into the thick of battle. Rather than being an inherent trait, this discipline is ingrained in these troops by their commanders, and no one embodies the steely determination of the Imperial legions more than General Maximilian Veers. 

During the Battle of Hoth, Veers led the Imperial ground assault on Echo Base with surgical precision, personally firing the shots that destroyed the Rebels’ main power generator. Soon, you’ll be able to install this cool and efficient commander at the head of your Imperial armies with the General Veers Commander Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!

The General Veers Commander Expansion gives you another option when you choose who will lead the Imperial forces into combat. Whether he commands your army on his own or alongside another Imperial commander, Veers brings his own approach to the battle with three signature command cards, as well as several upgrades that allow you to further customize Veers or your other units. This expansion contains one unpainted, easily assembled General Veers miniature.

You can pre-order the General Veers Commander Expansion at your local retailer or online through our website today; then, read on for more information!

Take Command

As a master tactician, General Veers brings the icy precision of the Empire to your games of Star Wars: Legion. While an imposing warrior such as Darth Vader makes use of intimidation to motivate his troops and strike fear in his enemies, Veers takes a different approach. Relying on his rigid military training and years of experience in battle, General Veers's personal command cards reflect his ability to get the best out of his troops. 

During the decisive victory at the Battle of Hoth, for example, Veers made effective use of Imperial walkers to punch through enemy lines, paving the way for Darth Vader himself to land on the planet’s surface and drive out the remaining Rebels. Similarly, your vehicles become all the more effective when Veers uses his Evasive Maneuvers command card. Not only does Evasive Maneuvers allow you to issue orders to two of your vehicles, it also makes these vehicles a little more durable. When you play Evasive Maneuvers, friendly vehicles can spend dodge tokens to cancel critical hit results, allowing your armored vehicles to wade into the fray with much less concern about incoming fire. 

While Evasive Maneuvers lets your army’s vehicles take center stage, this doesn’t mean General Veers only supports the heavy hitters. All the troops under his command equally display the Imperial Discipline of the Emperor’s finest, staying in the fight no matter how heavy the opposition. When General Veers and two other units are issued orders using the Imperial Discipline command card, they may also recover, removing all their suppression tokens and readying all of their exhausted upgrade cards. Even though you might not win priority when playing this command card, you can still use it to get some units back in the fight and launch a massive counterattack.

Finally, General Veers is not one to issue commands from the safety of a rear position. As evidenced by his performance on Hoth, he is fully prepared to join his troops on the front lines and bring the fight to the Rebellion. Far from simply issuing orders, General Veers is more than capable in a fight. As we saw in our announcement, he can pack a punch with his E-11 Blaster Rifle, but his Maximum Firepower command card lets him launch an even more potent attack. 

General Veers targets Luke Skywalker with his Maximum Firepower command card. As this attack is immune to Deflect, Luke cannot use Anakin’s Lightsaber to send any of these shots back at Veers.

Maximum Firepower allows General Veers to carry out a normal activation, then launch an attack rolling four red dice. When combined with an aim action or another attack, this attack has the potential to have a devastating impact on the enemy army. What’s more, as it's immune to deflect, you can use it to safely target a Rebel commander such as Luke Skywalker without fear of your bolts being redirected at General Veers.

Born to Lead

On his own, General Veers certainly presents a formidable foe to any enemy army and, at only 80 points, he gives players plenty of options for rounding out the rest of their army. Those options include upgrading General Veers to accentuate his skills at leading troops. He features two command upgrade slots and one equipment upgrade slot, giving you the option of making Veers even more potent in battle. 

From our announcement, we already know that Veers can have a Commanding Presence on the battlefield, allowing him to issue orders at Range 4, but the possibilities don’t end there. As a veteran field commander unafraid to enter combat himself, Veers has earned the respect of his troops and the Esteemed Leader card reflects this. This card ensures that troopers at Range 1 of General Veers are prepared to lay down their lives for him. These units can cancel any hits Veers takes, but each canceled result puts them at risk for taking wounds themselves. Losing troopers may reduce the overall firepower of your army, but it’s a small price to pay to keep General Veers in the action a little longer.

Prepare for Ground Assault

No matter where in the galaxy you’re fighting, General Veers stands ready to mercilessly root out any Rebel resistance. Ready your troops and begin your attack!

The General Veers Commander Expansion (SWL10) is due at your local retailer in the second quarter of 2018! Pre-order this expansion at your local retailer or online through our webstore today.   

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