Ally Yourself with the Force

Unleash Untold Power with New Mystic Specializations

“That wizard is just a crazy old man.”
   –Owen Lars, Star Wars: A New Hope

The Star Wars™ galaxy departed the realm of typical science fiction with just a few words from Uncle Owen, snowballing into a space opera of mysterious powers and ancient religions that has enthralled generations. Unlimited Power, a new sourcebook for the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game, expands the opportunities for Mystic characters in your campaigns with three new specializations, three new species, new gear and vehicles, and adventure ideas to give any campaign a greater focus on the otherworldly.

Few characters in Force and Destiny can encompass the captivating sense of mysticism and intrigue better than the Mystic. As a true ally to the Force, the Mystic has the opportunity to become that reclusive wizard—or that crazy old man—in their campaign. A true Mystic seeks to be a partner to the Force, channeling it through them, using it as much as it uses them. More than just a source of power, the Mystic is able to commune with the Force to determine his or her particular role in the galaxy.

There is no definitive Mystic however, and Unlimited Power reinforces that by doubling the number of available specializations for those who walk this mysterious path. Today's preview highlights those additions with a glimpse at the Alchemist, Magus, and Prophet specializations.

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While the Jedi Order accepted that there were many ways to interact with the Force and different societies often communed in different ways, alchemy was essentially forbidden among the Jedi. Perhaps it is because spiritual orders like the Nightsisters of Dathomir practiced alchemy and were closely tied to the dark side of the Force. Perhaps the Jedi believed it sacrilegious to imbue inanimate objects with the Force. The loss of the Order means the loss of their rationale; all that we now know is that an Alchemist would not have been welcome on the Jedi Council.

The rise of the Empire has shattered the influence the Jedi Order may have had on practitioners of the Force, and now no one can warn a budding Alchemist from their art, and perhaps, for the better. After all, a blaster is neither good nor evil, light nor dark, and the Force flows through all matter. An Alchemist simply takes the logic behind a Jedi crafting his or her own lightsaber and applies it more broadly, creating a tighter bond between physical objects and the Force.

Alchemists have Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Xenology), and Resistance as additional career skills, preparing them for the crafting of potions, elixirs, and poisons. They see the flow of a medicine or a salve as mirroring that of the Force and they are able to notice the presence of the Force in all things. This may put the Alchemist at odds as they question the barrier between the living and inanimate—how much difference can there be if the Force connects them all?


The final days of the Jedi Order were some of its most conservative, stemming from a fear of corruption by the dark side of the Force. Much like the Alchemist, the Jedi believed the Magus deviated too far from their understanding of the Force. Other teachings and experimentations were untested paths off the paved and well-trod road of the Jedi; they were uncertain, unclear, and too close to illusion and self-deception. The ambitious Magus stitches together the knowledge he or she has accumulated—knowledge many Jedi would brand as forbidden—to create a unique relationship with the cosmic Force.

The Magus typically has no formal training, allowing him or her to discover the Force firsthand and without restriction. There is something beautiful about such freedom and the unique relationship it encourages each Magus to have with the Force. It is a freedom that brings with it a significant danger, however: without a guiding hand or proper self-reflection, a Magus could unknowingly begin embracing the dark side and become ensnared in its grasp. In the case of the Magus, knowledge truly is power, and discovering knowledge from lost practitioners of the Force only strengthens their connection.

Magi have Coercion, Discipline, Knowledge (Lore), and Medicine as additional skills. Defiant of the Empire and uncontrolled by the Jedi Order, the Magus is defined by his or her pursuit of knowledge with one end: a greater understanding of the Force. This could put a Magus on the trail of an ancient artifact, lost society, or place of power. A Magus must be careful, however—though they can often do many impossible things, they still have mortal trappings. For many, Magus has been but a brief stop on the fall to the dark side.


The Jedi Order knew that to proselytize meant to risk pressuring potential students in their studies of the Force, and the dark side would love nothing more than to help those students rebel. Enter the Prophet. These Mystics did not attempt to convert—rather, they sought to offer a voice of hope during a dark hour… and has there ever been a darker hour in the galaxy than during the reign of the Galactic Empire? The Prophet proselytizes to encourage potential students who may want to learn about the Force.

There are few beacons of hope in such times, and the modern Prophet views his or her knowledge of the light side of the Force as a struggle against the dark. Like the Advisor specialization, the Prophet exists to offer insight and counsel, but the Prophet counsels on a large scale. Prophets believe they are most successful when more have heard their words, knowing that they only need spark a fire in one or two listeners to bring about change. Because they are only mortal, Prophets must be careful not to allow their own desires to seep into their sermons and influence listeners. Every character in a campaign should be wary of a Prophet who may take advantage of this time of darkness and dread for their personal gain.

Prophets gain additional career skills of Charm, Coercion, Deception, and Leadership, giving them the ability to win over crowds when your campaign needs more public support. There is little stopping the Prophet from hopping up onto a soapbox, the HoloNet, posting flyers, or even hand-distributing tracts to spread their word—for good or ill.

Trust Your Instincts

It is a part of their nature that the path of the Mystic is a unique one, and Unlimited Power gives players three new avenues to personalize their characters. Whether creating a new character or acquiring a new specialization, you will have incredible opportunities to roleplay the development of such singular characters.

In Unlimited Power, you will find the tools to expand the role of the Mystic in your campaign while also granting other player characters access to new gear and equipment. Open the doors of your campaign even wider with new species, new Force powers, and new adventure possibilities with Unlimited Power!

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