The Close of a Saga

The Final Force Pack Is Now Available for Star Wars: The Card Game

“Lord Vader has sent me in his place.”
–The Fifth Brother, Star Wars: Rebels

Order your own copy of Promise of Power at your local retailer or online through our website today!

The galactic battles of Star Wars™: The Card Game have been played out on countless tabletops, transporting players to a galaxy far, far away. You have fought with both the light side and the dark. You’ve learned the ways of the Force, mobilized soldiers and massive navies, and plunged into the seedy underbelly of the Star Wars galaxy. Now, your adventures with Star Wars: The Card Game can continue, though the game itself will be complete. Promise of Power, the final Force Pack for Star Wars: The Card Game, is now available at your local retailer or online though our webstore!

As the conclusion of the Alliances cycle, Promise of Power brings many of the themes of the cycle to their triumphant conclusion. Among its cards, you’ll find a thematic dive into the climatic end of Star Wars: Rebels Season 2, support for your Imperial Fighters, and reasons for you to bring multiple factions together in a single deck. With recognizable characters like the Inquisitors and Ezra Bridger to add to your decks, every Star Wars: The Card Game player will find new objective sets to enjoy in this Force Pack.

Although Promise of Power marks the end of product releases for Star Wars: The Card Game, there’s still plenty of opportunities to play the game through our Organized Play programs. For more information about upcoming Organized Play for Star Wars: The Card Game, click here!

The Order of Inquisitors

Throughout the first season of Star Wars: Rebels, the Lothal rebels are haunted by the menacing Grand Inquisitor. As the series progresses, however, they learn of an entire order of Inquisitors—all dedicated to stamping out the remains of the Jedi. Now, with Promise of Power, you can bring this terrifying dark side force to your games.

Your journey into darkness starts with this set’s objective— Order of Inquisitors (Promise of Power, 2195). This objective has a simple effect that can help you bring your forces into play: you simply reduce the cost of the first Inquisitor card you play each turn by one. Four Inquisitor cards in the set give you plenty of options for using the cost reduction. And as we’ll see, your Inquisitors can work quite well together.

The Seventh Sister (Promise of Power, 2196) is a fearsome combatant. Between the elite keyword and a good array of combat icons, she’s already worth her weight, but she’s even more valuable for the way that she makes your opponent approach the edge battle. Whenever The Seventh Sister is attacking, edge battles look radically different. Instead of alternating playing edge cards, your opponent must first put any number of edge cards into their edge stack. Then, after you’ve seen how many cards your opponent commits, you can choose how many cards you want to place in your own edge stack!

If it looks like your opponent has dumped most of their hand into the edge stack, you can mitigate your losses or wipe away your opponent’s efforts with a Twist of Fate. Or, if your opponent only commits a single card, it may be easy for you to tip the edge battle in your favor. No matter how your opponent chooses to act, The Seventh Sister is a powerful tool for upsetting your opponent’s plans.

Two other Inquisitors arise to stand beside The Seventh Sister as you pursue the goals of the dark side. The Fifth Brother (Promise of Power, 2197) and The Eighth Brother (Promise of Power, 2198) can both be lethal in pitched battle, and they both receive rewards based on units leaving play. Whenever The Eighth Brother leaves play, you can deal a damage to any unit, and whenever an Inquisitor unit leaves play, you can remove a focus token from The Fifth Brother!

Of course, you’ll be able to trigger these abilities when one of your Inquisitors is defeated, but it’s much more powerful if you have a way to trigger them whenever you choose. Fortunately, Double-bladed Lightsaber (Promise of Power, 2199) is just the tool that you need. This Weapon enhancement grants another unit damage icon, and more importantly, it allows you to return the enhanced unit and Double-bladed Lightsaber to your hand at any time! With the Double-bladed Lightsaber, you can strike and disappear before your opponent can return fire.

Finally, this objective set concludes with a way to harness the power of the Inquisitors and interfere with your opponent’s plans. Press For Answers (Promise of Power, 2200) is an event that reads, “Action: Look at the top X cards of your opponent’s deck. Discard 1 of those cards and return the others to the top of the owner’s deck in any order. X is the number of unique Character units you control.” By using your Inquisitors to put fear in the heart of the light side player, you can control their plans and gain insight into what they might try to do next.

Lead the Inquisitors

Star Wars: The Card Game may be complete, but there are still many adventures to have in the Star Wars galaxy with the cards in Promise of Power.

You can pick up your own copy of Promise of Power (SWC42) at your local retailer or online through our website today!

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