The First Scroll

A Free Anthology of Legend of the Five Rings Fiction Is Available Now


"If Rokugan was the Emerald Empire, then the emerald was flawed—small cracks threatening to lengthen, to widen, to cause the whole of it to crumble to fragments and dust."
   –D.G. Laderoute, Her Father’s Daughter

Legend of the Five Rings has engrossed players, not only with its deep, intricate gameplay, but its sprawling, player-influenced story. With the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Core Set and the Imperial Cycle already released, the sprawling samurai epic has already taken a variety of twists and turns in the forms of web and official product fiction.

Now Fantasy Flight Games invites you to the world of Rokugan with “The First Scroll,” an anthology of Legend of the Five Rings fiction available here (7 MB) or online through

The First Scroll

The First Scroll is a free e-book that collects the first set of fiction for Legend of the Five Rings that includes:

These fictions introduce readers to the Great Clans of Rokugan and their Champions. Each Great Clan has their own political makeup and problems, and these stories immerse you in these issues while introducing you to the major players, making The First Scroll the ideal starting place for Legend of the Five Rings fiction.

The anthology also includes Smokeless Fire and A Most Suitable Teacher, a story choice determined by the Hatamotos crowned at Gen Con 2017. Furthermore, you can get a taste of the Imperial Cycle with In the Garden of Lies and To The South, two stories that help to illustrate the motivations of the clans battling for the Emerald Empire.

This free e-book provides a convenient and fast way to engross yourself in the world of Legend of the Five Rings. Not only does the anthology provide twelve introductory fictions, but also includes a full map of Rokugan, grounding you in the events that are transpiring.

A New Legend

To download The First Scroll, click here! And be sure to check back to the Fantasy Flight Games website for additional Legend of the Five Rings fiction!

Gain ancient wisdom and download The First Scroll e-book, available for download from our website or now!

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