Reign and Reverie

Announcing a New Deluxe Expansion for Android: Netrunner


“To want something better is to be human. And most people I know are human.”
   –Akiko Nisei

Fused through hard labor and organized crime, the Midwest metropolis of ChiLo teeters between dream and nightmare. As a megalopolis, ChiLo represents infinite opportunities for the souls wandering its streets. But they must always be careful who they cross. Nearly every district of the city is ruled by a different kingpin, each deciding on the laws and liberties provided to his or her loyal servants.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Reign and Reverie, a new deluxe expansion for Android: Netrunner, available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website!

Reign and Reverie is a 156 card-expansion (three copies each of 49 new cards and nine unique single-copy cards), featuring new tools for all ten factions in Android: Netrunner The Card Game while exploring the urban landscape of ChiLo, a beacon of light in the Midwest. This includes a new identity for all seven major factions, a new console for every major runner faction, and new agendas for every corp. Because Reign and Reverie features new cards for all ten factions in the game, it's the perfect companion piece to the Revised Core Set released late last year. With these powerful new tools, the game of Android: Netrunner will never be the same.

The Fugitive

ChiLo has become a metropolis of light and sound, the perfect place to disappear into a crowd. It's a bright beacon of controlled chaos where  Akiko Nisei  (Reign and Reverie, 15) hopes to disappear to evade the clutches of Jinteki.

As a former asset of Jinteki, Akiko Nisei brings a former corp mechanic to the runner side of the table. Whenever you access cards from R&D with Akiko Nisei, you and the corp play a psi game, secretly spending zero, one, or two credits. If you spend the same number, you'll access one additional card from R&D. Essentially, this takes one of Jinteki’s key mechanics and turns it against them. No longer are you playing the psi game just to get through the corp's defenses. Instead, the pressure is on the corp to spend credits correctly, or Akiko gets a deeper dig into their secrets. Reign and Reverie also includes a host of new Shaper cards that will help finance Akiko’s secret spending and give you deeper insight into what awaits in the heart of the corp's servers.

No matter where you go, Anarchs are always willing to risk life and limb for the thrill of the run, even if it means dire consequences.   Patchwork  (Reign and Reverie, 4) is a new Anarch console that can greatly increase their economy. Once per turn, when you would play or install a card, you may trash one card from your grip to decrease the play or install cost by two. This is a major benefit that comes with a drawback. Not only are you decreasing your options every time you trash a card from your grip, you're teetering on the brink of disaster, coming ever closer to losing the game via net, meat, or brain damage. Of course, Anarchs thrive on this danger, and Reign and Reverie even includes a new Anarch that gains a major advantage when your grip is empty.

Since Android: Netrunner was established, runners have been limited to one identity. Cards like  Rebirth   (The Liberated Mind, 83) allowed you to change the shape of your runner, but never before has the opportunity arisen to gain the abilities of multiple runners. That changes in Reign and Reverie with DJ Fenris  (Reign and Reverie, 25), a neutral connection that can host a g-mod identity that does not match the faction of your identity. DJ Fenris then gains the text of that hosted identity! This allows you to gain the powerful abilities of runners like Hayley Kaplan  (Breaker Bay, 25) or MaxX  (Order and Chaos, 29) without dedicating your entire deck to them. DJ Fenris opens up a whole new world for deckbuilding, including combinations that were never before possible. Like Rebirth, DJ Fenris is limited to one copy per deck and uses up one influence, even as a neutral card. Still, these drawbacks pale in comparison to the awesome power that runners can wield with DJ Fenris on the field. 

In the Family

While Reign and Reverie provides plenty of new ways to run the net, it also provides new tools for the corp to protect their servers and dissuade the runners from digging too deep.

Weyland has always embraced their reputation as a consequence of their success. This is no more true than in the case of The Outfit   (Reign and Reverie, 50), a Weyland subsidiary run by the powerful kingpins of ChiLo.

The Outfit embraces the bad publicity that often accompanies the largest corporate conglomerate in the world by turning that attention into cold, hard credits—whenever you take at least one bad publicity you gain three credits. This means a profitable Hostile Takeover  (Revised Core Set, 109) nets The Outfit even more credits to use in crushing the runner or advancing their own agendas. There are few things in the Android world more terrifying than the Weyland Consortium backed by an assortment of credits, and The Outfit has no problems using any means necessary to get there. 

They even get a new transaction in the form of Too Big to Fail  (Reign and Reverie, 56). Though this operation will give you one bad publicity, it also nets you seven credits for no additional cost. Because the cost of the card is zero credits to begin with, Too Big to Fail can be played at any time and give you a massive economic boost to rez the often-costly ice of Weyland. The sole drawback is that you can't play this card if you have more than ten credits, meaning you can’t use it to boost an already substantial credit pool. Furthermore, a runner can also choose to trash Too Big to Fail should they access it—at the hefty cost of five credits. As a transaction, playing Too Big to Fail with Building a Better World  (Revised Core Set, 108) will net you eight credits, while playing it with The Outfit will give you a massive ten credit boost.

Jinteki continues to dominate in the field of genetics and will go to extreme lengths to protect their secrets. Reign and Reverie gives Jinteki plenty of new ways to not only protect their servers from the runner, but make sure they will never dare to intrude again. Hangeki  (Reign and Reverie, 40) allows you to play a little game with the runner, giving them the option to access one of your cards. In any other corp, this may be a tempting proposition, but against Jinteki, it can mean death if the card happens to be one of Jinteki's devious traps like Project Junebug  (Revised Core Set, 80). Should the runner refuse, they add Hangeki to their score area as an agenda worth -1 point! As you'll soon find, the Jinteki identity found in Reign and Reverie expands on this, and synergizes with Hangeki by allowing you to place the perfect trap.

Under the Bright Lights

Under the lights of ChiLo, Reign and Reverie awaits. Will you use the metropolis to advance your corporate agenda or run free in the servers of cyberspace?

Make your choice and pre-order Reign and Reverie (ADN56) from your local retailer or our website today!

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