Immovable Power

Preview the Phoenix Cards in Disciples of the Void


"Can you coax your mind from wandering and keep to the original oneness?”
   –Tao of Shinsei

While many see the Phoenix as mystical philosophers, they are more than capable of using their knowledge to clash with the Great Clans around them. Through their connection to the elements and their strong sense of duty, they produce powerful samurai dedicated to defending their lands, the elements, and the very future of Rokugan itself.

Join us today as we continue to preview the Phoenix cards found in Disciples of the Void, the new Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website!

Disciples of the Void introduces new options for the Phoenix Clan, including high-fate cost characters that will drastically impact how both you and your opponent play the game. You can look for cards that interact with your claimed rings in new ways as well as cards that take advantage of your characters’ glory. Ultimately, this Clan Pack dives deep into the lore of the Phoenix and introduces a powerful Elemental Master to aid the Phoenix in the conflicts to come. 

The Elemental Masters

For now, how Isawa Tadaka  (Disciples of the Void, 10) ascended to the rank of Elemental Master remains a mystery, but his skill as an Earth Shugenja is undeniable. With a cost of five fate, Isawa Tadaka stands with   Shiba Tsukune  (Core Set, 93) and Isawa Kaede  (Tears of Amaterasu, 9) as beacons of power in the Phoenix Clan. With five military skill, Isawa Tadaka is a rare military powerhouse in the usually pacifistic clan—but he can also hold his own in a political conflict. With two glory, if Isawa Tadaka is honored he becomes even more of a threat, while still retaining some of his skills in a dishonorable state.

While his basic skills are impressive, they are not why Isawa Tadaka holds the rank of Elemental Master. It is his relationship with the very Earth itself that allows him to stop his foes in their tracks. While Isawa Tadaka is on the field, each opponent cannot play copies of event cards that are in his or her conflict discard pile, unless the Earth ring is in that player’s claimed pool. This can be a suffocating ability for a few different reasons.

First, the ability is not restricted by conflicts Isawa Tadaka is participating in. As long as Tadaka is on the table, opponents who have not claimed the Earth Ring will be limited in what events they can play. Furthermore, your opponents will have to think very carefully about their ring choices. The Earth Ring may not be their optimal choice, but they must consider trying to claim it simply to avoid Isawa Tadaka’s power. Best of all, if you are able to claim the Earth Ring during a conflict, your opponent has no choice but to capitulate to the master of Earth. Your enemies are sure to be running multiple copies of their best events, but with Isawa Tadaka on the field, it will be an uphill battle to play more than one.

While Elemental Masters are an important piece of the Phoenix puzzle, there are others in the Phoenix Clan whose skills are just as important, who have no need for such titles. The Kaito Temple Protector  (Disciples of the Void, 9) has a sacred duty, and the skills to carry it out. While participating in a conflict as a defender, the Protector cannot be moved. A military and political skill of three may appear to be average, but these numbers are extremely fluid—while the Kaito Temple Protector is defending, you may choose another participating character. Until the end of the conflict, the Protector’s base skills become equal to the chosen character’s current skill values.

This means the humble Kaito Temple Protector can become just as powerful as an honored Shiba Tsukune on their own side, or stand up to the might of an opposing Hida Kisada  (Core Set, 37) (provided this action isn’t cancelled by Kisada’s intimidating presence.) It is important to note that this Action modifies the Protector’s base skills, which means that honoring the Kaito Temple Protector or using conflict cards to boost its skills will still be effective. With a fluidity in their skill value, the Kaito Temple Protector is an expert at defending during any conflict.

These two characters put pressure on your opponent, and can allow the Phoenix to win conflicts by denying their opponent's options and inflating their character's skill values.  The Path of Man  (Disciples of the Void, 21) is a new Philosophy that looks to take advantage of these victories. The event simply gives you two fate after you win a conflict by five or more skill.

If you manage to accomplish this, you already have a strong possibility of breaking a province if you're on the offensive, and playing The Path of Man after a break can give you the momentum and resources to defend a counter-attack or push through another province during your second conflict. Furthermore, if you're defending and end up winning the conflict, The Path of Man can be used to refund the fate that you may have spent to protect your province. Either way, The Path of Man can be followed to guide the Phoenix to victory.

From the Ashes

Though the Phoenix are masters of pacifism and wisdom, do not mistake their pacifistic ways for inaction. With a mastery of the elements and a finger on the spiritual pulse of the Emerald Empire, they are a fearsome clan who will fight for what they believe in. Will you join them?

Explore the elements with Disciples of the Void (L5C08), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website!

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