Drawn to the Flame

Preview the Non-Phoenix Cards Featured in Disciples of the Void


“Honor is for those with no deeds to their name.” 
   –Moto Nergüi

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While the Phoenix consider themselves the best equipped to handle the problems of the Emerald Empire, their relationship with other clans has begun to strain. It is because of the visions of the Phoenix that the Unicorn must teach others of their mysterious meishōdō magic, and tensions have risen between the two clans. Meanwhile, the Crane Clan believe only they have the knowledge and beauty to fix the flawed Emerald Empire… and while the Phoenix may make for wise allies, it is the Crane who know best.

Disciples of the Void features a wide variety of Phoenix cards that will expand their strategies, but also features three copies each of nine non-Phoenix cards, many of which are specifically designed to counter the powerful new strategies the Phoenix Clan will find in the pack. Join us today as we preview the non-Phoenix Cards featured in the Disciples of the Void Clan Pack!

Words and Deeds

Like the other Great Clans of Rokugan, the Unicorn are honorable samurai, but they place a special emphasis on their actions over their glory. Moto Nergüi  (Disciples of the Void, 17) is one of the Unicorn’s fearsome Cavalry, and she says more through her deeds than her words. At zero glory, Nergüi’s stats will most likely remain static at two military skill and two political skill, regardless of her status. However, she truly shines in her ability to lock out those who focus too much on their own glory. As an Action during a military conflict that she's participating in, Moto Nergüi can move the character with the highest glory home. This will almost never be Moto Nergüi and since you get to choose in case of a tie, you can manipulate the game in your favor by turning the conflict's tide to your favor… or save one of your own characters from committing to a losing battle.

This ability is especially effective against the Phoenix Clan, who often rely on their high-glory characters to break provinces and win conflicts.  An honored Serene Warrior  (Core Set, 88) or Shiba Tsukune  (Core Set, 93) are some of the most dangerous characters in the game, but their high glory makes them an easy target for Moto Nergüi, making your opponent think twice before committing them to a military conflict.

Beauty and Grace

With a barrage of powerful Spell cards introduced in Disciples of the Void, the Phoenix’s hand of conflict cards will become a terrifying and dangerous mystery for their opponent. Luckily, as with all matters in Rokugan, the Crane are well suited to keeping the other clans in check. Doji Shigeru  (Disciples of the Void, 14) is a powerful Crane Courtier who severely limits the cards your opponent will play during a conflict. After your opponent plays an event during a conflict in which Doji Shigeru is participating, that opponent must choose and discard a card from his or her hand.  

Hemorrhaging cards in this way can make your opponent think twice before they try to swing a conflict with an event. In the case of clans like the Phoenix and the Scorpion, this can be devastating, as Doji Shigeru can force them to throw away vital Spells and events that they would otherwise rely on to tilt conflicts in their favor. It's also important to note that this ability only affects your opponent, meaning the Crane are free to express themselves through powerful events with no such penalty.

Guardian Spirits

Though much of the drama found in Rokugan centers around the Great Clans, these samurai are far from the only inhabitants of Rokugan, mortal or otherwise. Disciples of the Void represents this by featuring two powerful, neutral conflict characters that mirror one another.  

The Guardian Kami  (Disciples of the Void, 26) is a Keeper role only Spirit, and while it is defending, you may sacrifice it to resolve the effect of the contested ring as if you had won the conflict as the attacker.

The effects of the five rings can each turn the momentum of the game in your favor, but resolving them in the middle of a conflict can give you an even greater boost. Using the Water ring to bow an opponent’s character normally weakens your opponent’s skill in a later conflict, but using it in the middle of a conflict can bow one of your opponent's participating characters, negating their skill from the conflict. The Fire ring works in a similar way, giving you the power to honor one of your characters or dishonor an opponent's at a critical moment. Sacrificing a character can be a tall order, but the benefit could swing the entire game in your favor.

Kami Unleashed  (Disciples of the Void, 27) is nearly identical, but is limited to clans with a Seeker role and can only be sacrificed during a conflict in which you are attacking. This can put extreme pressure on your opponent, and should you win the conflict, you'll be able to resolve the ring effect a second time! A successful Fire conflict could net you two honored characters. Or, you could use the Earth ring to refill your own hand while destroying your opponent’s plans.

The New Disciples

While Disciples of the Void places an emphasis on the mystical Phoenix Clan, every Great Clan in Rokugan will receive new tools for the conflicts to come. As the elements continue to shift in the land of Rokugan, the focus turns to the unique Shugenja and Spells available to every clan. What awaits the Emerald Empire?  

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