Weapons Deadlier Than Steel

Make Your Plans to Attend a Disciples of the Void Release Tournament


If there is a mystery in the Empire, then there is a Phoenix who understands it. To the Phoenix Clan, knowledge is a weapon deadlier than steel.

Explore the mysteries of the Tao. Still your mind. Listen to the whispers of the spirits inhabiting this world. And draw upon the most powerful forces in Rokugan… the elements themselves.

Explore all that Disciples of the Void Clan Pack brings to Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game by attending one of our Disciples of the Void Release Tournaments!

With the Disciples of the Void Clan Pack, the Phoenix Clan and their shugenja are on the rise—stepping out of their shrines to unleash powerful new spells and spirits upon the realms of Rokugan. Loaded with bushi, courtiers, and mythic creatures, the Clan Pack's 78 new cards bring the Phoenix Clan into sharper focus than ever before and afford you new means to confront the elemental imbalances plaguing the land. But it's not just the Phoenix who benefit from Disciples of the Void. There are talented and powerful characters for each of the other Great Clans, as well.

Will you fight with the Phoenix? Or will you fight against them? Either way, when you attend a Disciples of the Void Release Tournament, you gain access to some of the Phoenix Clan's greatest secrets!

Prizes from the Soul of Rokugan

Each Disciples of the Void Release Tournament supports up to 32 players. Over the course of four Swiss rounds, you'll jostle in the courts and clash in the battlefield, attempting to win the Emperor's favor. And even though this event is designed to steep you more fully in the supernatural and spiritual traditions of the Phoenix Clan, you'll find more material prizes as well.

Top 32: The Top 32 players at each Disciples of the Void Release Tournament earn an extended art copy of The Path of Man.  With its bold imagery, this card reminds you that there's a spiritual dimension to all your struggles in Rokugan.

Top 8: Strike a balance between the material world and the spirit realm, and you might find your way to the Top 8. If you do, this earns you a rare, double-sided card with an extended art version of the new Library stronghold, Kyūden Isawa,  on one side and an alternate art version of Support of the Phoenix on the other. Whether you play as the Phoenix or simply call upon their aid, this card presents you a colorful way to take advantage of all the best options from Disciples of the Void.

Top 2: The most powerful forces in Rokugan are those of the elements themselves—and few know their secrets as well as the Phoenix shugenja. As an acknowledgement of their knowledge and skill, the Top 2 players at each Disciples of the Void Release Tournament receive a custom playmat depicting the renowned shugenja Isawa Tadaka. You can almost feel the earth ripple with magic as he readies himself against an unseen foe.

Pursue the Path of Man

Now is your chance to study alongside the Asako henshin. Learn what it means to walk the Path of Man. With Disciples of the Void, you'll be able to make better progress along the Path—to unravel the riddles of the elements. It may be a difficult path, but it is one that leads to great knowledge—and the fulfillment of your destiny.

What will you make of the expansion's new elemental magic, mythic creatures, and masterful shugenja? Will you fight with the Phoenix, or against them?

Make your plans to fight for honor, glory, and the very soul of Rokugan. Talk to your local retailer to find out when they're hosting a Disiples of the Void Release Tournament!

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