12 March 2018 | X-Wing

Take Your Best Shot

Set Your Sights on Fun and Prizes with X-Wing™ Organized Play

"Red Group, Gold Group, all fighters follow me."
     –Lando Calrissian

The next season of X-Wing Organized Play is nearly here, and it's bound to be full of heated battles, experimental tactics, and fantastic explosions.

The ships and upgrades from Waves XII and XIII continue to make their way onto tables, and their presence has provided new strength to some of the game's older fighters and bombers. Accordingly, we'll see ordnance launched at high-speed trajectories, skilled Imperial pilots weaving effortlessly through and around asteroids, Scum enforcers trying to catch foes in their bullseye firing arcs, and Rebel squadrons taking advantage of the new Sheathipede-class shuttle and its coordinate action. Add the adjustments from the latest FAQ (pdf, 6.8 MB), and you're looking at a season that promises to be one of great, dynamic changes—with players everywhere adapting to an ever-shifting battlefield.

Altogether, this means that this season's Organized Play should be a great chance for X-Wing fans of all skill levels to come together, play games, have fun, and find themselves inspired by their opponents' squads, skills, and tactics.

And, of course, it's also a great chance to earn some of the coolest X-Wing swag available.

Angle the Deflector Shields

Attend an Organized Play event for X-Wing, and you'll discover that the prizes are designed to enhance and improve your play experience—not to create a cut-throat tournament environment. Accordingly, we're proud of how fantastically warm and welcoming the X-Wing community is as a whole, and we're happy to support your continued play with a new season's worth of alternate art cards and tokens.

As always, the best part is that you don't even have to make the top tables to walk away with some of these exclusive materials. Just show up, and you're immediately in the running! Prizes are available to each of the Top 16 players, with additional Elite Prize Cards and Elite Prize Items available to the Top 4.

  • Top 16: Alternate art Shadowport Hunter. The Top 16 players at each Stay on Target tournament receive an alternate art Shadowport Hunter. Shown flying through an asteroid belt, the Shadowport Hunter menaces with full-bleed artwork and a vessel bristling with laser cannons.
  • Elite Prize Card: Alternate art "Quickdraw," an elite First Order pilot for the tournament's elite. With her retaliatory fire, "Quickdraw" has quickly established herself as one of the game's top aces and a favorite among Imperial players. Now, you can get her firing even faster with alternate art that depicts the First Order pilot in her fight suit, lining up her next kill shot.
  • Elite Prize Item: Set of five metal shield tokens. While it's true that "Quickdraw" has the potential to attack more than once per round, it's also true that she can only take her bonus shot on a round that she loses shields… So that makes it all the sweeter to place at one of Season One's Stay on Target tournaments. Any player who claims these metal shield tokens and uses them for "Quickdraw" gets to track her shields and bonus shots in style!

All Wings Report In

Go for the games. Enjoy the community. And take your best shot at the prizes… X-Wing Organized Play is your ticket to more of your favorite Star Wars starfighter battles and the game's great and welcoming fan base.

The next season of X-Wing Organized Play is nearly upon us. Contact your favorite local game stores today to find out when they will be hosting their X-Wing events!

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