7 February 2018 | Android: Netrunner LCG

Kampala Ascendent

Announcing the Final Data Pack in the Kitara Cycle for Android: Netrunner


As the pressure rises on Lake Victoria, the never-ending conflict between corps and runners continues to explode. Both sides must pull out new tools and dedicate themselves to the cause in order to gain the upper hand. Which side will you choose?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Kampala Ascendent, the sixth Data Pack in the Kitara Cycle for Android: Netrunner The Card Game now available for pre-order from your local retailer or our website!

Kampala Ascendent completes the Kitara Cycle, bringing many of its themes full circle. Prepare to find many cards that supplement the tools found and established in the Revised Core Set, such as an Anarch breaker that keys off of virus counters and a Criminal event that empties the corp's credit pool while filling your own. This Data Pack also introduces fresh ideas to the game, like a piece of hardware that lets you spend a single click to gain a credit and two cards, an operation that can eliminate three of a runner’s clicks in one turn, a new Jinteki identity that invites the runners into their servers, and much more.


Runners are always looking for the most efficient rig. There is an arms race to find hardware that improves your rig—sometimes even if it means hurting yourself in the process. Now, this search may have reached its zenith. Zer0  (Kampala Ascendent, 101) allows you to suffer one net damage to gain a credit and draw two cards once per turn. This is incredible click efficiency at the cost of discarding a random card thanks to the net damage. Cards like MaxX  (Order and Chaos, 29) and Earthrise Hotel  (The Source, 120) have proven time after time that the ability to draw extra cards at the start of a turn can be a huge boost to the runner, fueling their economy and giving them plenty of ways to attack the corp. As far as hardware goes, Zer0 is a very consistent engine that only asks you to take a small risk—and Anarchs are well accustomed to taking larger risks than that.

Zer0 can provide consistency and help you slowly develop a hand and credit pool that can help you take the corp down. Of course, sometimes you don’t have time to slowly gather credits. This where another piece of hardware, Flame-out  (Kampala Ascendent, 109), comes in handy. The hardware can host a single program, and nine credits placed on Flame-out when it is installed. You can use these credits to pay for using the program, but it comes with a steep cost. When a turn in which you used these credits ends, you must trash the hosted program. While trashing an icebreaker can be a heavy cost, the ability to have nine credits ready for use with a powerful AI breaker like Atman  (Creation and Control, 40) can change the momentum of the game in your favor. Installing Flame-out on an early turn and waiting until the corp tries to advance an agenda before installing an AI icebreaker can provide an easy path to agenda points.

Corporate Machinations

To the public, Mti Mwekundu  (Kampala Ascendent, 114) is a biopharmaceutical corporation that studies viral and bacterial diseases, developing vaccines and treatments. However, the branch has a darker, more malicious side, and it uses the information that it collects for far more nefarious means.

Mti Mwekundu is a powerful Jinteki identity that lets the runner bypass your defenses in exchange for suddenly installing a piece of ice from your hand and forcing the runner to approach it. If you keep a well-stocked hand, your options for ice open up with the identity’s abilities. You may notice that an opponent does not have a killer, so you choose to install a deadly sentry. Without a fracter, any barrier you put out will likely stop the runner cold. While Mti Mwekundu invites runners to access their servers, they always have one last trick up their sleeve to ensure that this run might be their last.

One of the new pieces of ice that you may put down is Mlinzi  (Kampala Ascendent, 115), a powerful and expensive new sentry. At five strength and with three disruptive sub-routines, the runner will have to invest heavily in their icebreakers to avoid serious damage. With the potential to deal out six net damage or discard nine cards from the stack, Mlinzi is an incredibly disruptive piece of ice. While the cost is expensive, rezzing Mlinzi will ensure the runner must think carefully before running your servers.

Though the Weyland Consortium thrives on high advancement cost agendas like the massive Government Takeover  (Order and Chaos, 6), it can be difficult to successfully protect them. They often take multiple turns to advance and any installed card with a wealth of advancement counters is immediately suspicious. Now, Weyland gains a new tool to confuse their opponents in the form of False Flag  (Kampala Ascendent, 120). When the runner accesses False Flag, they receive one tag for every two advancement tokens on the card. Normally, this would be a decent ambush, but it comes with an additional advantage. If you manage to put seven advancement tokens on False Flag, you may use a click to place False Flag in your score area as an agenda worth three points. This puts the runner in a very difficult situation; if they run the card they may end up facing a bunch of tags and fatal meat damage. However, if they let it sit, they are letting you gain three agenda points which could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Ascend to the Stars

With Kampala Ascendent, you're bringing your journey into the SSL to its end with a bang, whether it’s flaming-out with an all-out run into corp servers or ensuring the runner never invades your territory again. Kampala Ascendent gives you the tools you need to influence the entire SSL. What will you do with this power?

See the Kitara Cycle through and pre-order Kampala Ascendent (ADN55) from your local retailer or from our website!

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