15 February 2018 | Star Wars: Destiny

A New Rival

The Rivals Draft Pack for Star Wars: Destiny is Available Now

"The Sith and the Jedi are similar in almost every way, including their quest for greater power."
   –Chancellor Palpatine, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

A new style of play has opened up for you to explore. The Rivals Draft Set for Star Wars™: Destiny is on sale now from your local retailer or online through our website!

Darth Maul and Boba Fett take on Rey and Qui-Gon Jinn on the frozen tundra of Hoth. General Grievous and Grand Moff Tarkin do battle with Finn and Wedge Antilles on the volcanic planet of Mustafar. Star Wars™: Destiny has always allowed you to play out what-if battles in the Star Wars galaxy. Now, prepare for a new way to play with the Rivals Draft Set!

Rivals introduces an entirely new way to play Star Wars: Destiny, using a Rivals Draft Set for any number of draft or sealed format games! Draft lets you compete against your friends to build the best deck from a shared pool of cards. Each player will have a single Rivals Draft Set, along with a pool of booster packs from any set (six per player).  Players select individual cards from booster packs to mix with their Rivals Draft Set to create a deck.

In the sealed format, on the other hand, players open all of their packs and their copy of the Rivals Draft Set at once and construct a deck from their unique pool of fifty cards. Sealed and draft play present a fresh new way to experience Star Wars: Destiny, and once you own a copy of the Rivals Draft Set, you will always be able to use it to participate in either of these unique formats. For an in-depth preview of how the draft format works, click here!

After deck construction, players will play a series of games, using their new decks to see how they stack up against each other. While the cards from your booster packs will make up much of your deck, the heart of the experience lies in the cards found in Rivals.

A Conflicted Warrior

Every card featured in Rivals is neutral, including the characters. Few exemplify this conflict between the light and the dark like Anakin Skywalker, Conflicted Apprentice  (Rivals, 1). Able to team up with either Heroes or Villains, he gains a unique ability based on which side he supports. This flexibility makes him a very versatile character, and his low-point cost allows him to team up with many different characters (with the exception of Darth Vader).

Blue also gets a new weapon in the form of the Crafted Lightsaber  (Rivals, 6). With melee damage and resource sides, the Crafted Lightsaber is a focused weapon that can directly further your game plan with its undeniable consistency. The fact that it can only be played on an exhausted character means you won’t be able to use it the first turn you play it, but the investment is sure to pay large dividends in later turns.

Fearless and Inventive

The Black Sun Operative Ketsu Onyo (Rivals, 3) is a dangerous and resourceful Mandalorian. A former ally of Sabine Wren, Onyo knows what it takes to survive. That’s why in Star Wars: Destiny, Ketsu is able to collect the weapons of your defeated allies. With mixed forms of damage, Ketsu can synergize well with any weapon, and with a low point cost, she can fit into a wide variety of teams. For twenty-eight points, you may team Ketsu with General Grievous, collecting weapons with Grievous before moving them to Ketsu Onyo when he is defeated. If you want to go down the Hero route, teaming Ketsu with Sabine Wren can help you transfer Sabine’s thermal weapons to Ketsu once she is defeated, letting you get even more value out of them.

In fact, you may turn to one of the weapons found in Rivals itself. This is the Verpine Sniper Rifle (Rivals, 10). Incredibly accurate and piercing, the Sniper’s special symbol lets you do two unblockable damage to a character, bypassing shields and hitting your opponents’ characters where they really hurt.

Friendly Support

Cyborg Aide  Lobot (Rivals, 2) assisted Lando Calrissian during his time as an administrator on Cloud City. In Star Wars: Destiny, he looks to provide this same support to the other members of his team, whether they are Heroes or Villains.

While you control the battlefield, Lobot gains the Guardian keyword, allowing him to defend whatever powerful character he is teamed up with. Furthermore, his special symbol can increase the value of one of their dice by two. By teaming Lobot with a character like Palpatine  (Legacies, 4), you can protect the Sith Lord while greatly increasing his threat.

Red characters also get a supportive event in the Rivals Draft Set that takes the form of a Targeting Computer  (Rivals, 7). With the ability to turn a support or upgrade die to any side, Targeting Computer can give your team the consistency they need to put out big damage. However, the card can also be used to sabotage rolls by your opponent, turning their support and upgrade dice to blanks and making them a non-factor. Whatever you choose to use the Targeting Computer for, it is sure to put you in an advantageous situation.


Whether you are looking to participate in draft or want a way to expand your constructed collection, the Rivals Draft Set gives you the tools you need to succeed. Will you use these tools to follow the path of a hero or fall to villainy?

Choose your path and pick up Star Wars: Destiny Rivals (SWD06) from your local retailer or our website, today!

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