21 November 2018 | Fantasy Flight Merchandise

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Five Fantasy Flight Games 2019 Calendars Are Available Now


From the bustling streets of New Angeles to the wartorn fields of Terrinoth, our games invite players to enter vibrant worlds and discover everything that they have to offer. Now, you can enjoy these worlds all year long as you plan your schedule. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce five 2019 calendars celebrating KeyForge, the Realms of Terrinoth, Legend of the Five Rings, Arkham Horror Files, and the world of Android!

As we move closer to the new year, these calendars are the perfect way to celebrate your favorite games while staying organized and up to date. Add the magic of your preferred game world to your wall with these calendars, available for order now, exclusively through our website!

A Red Letter Day

Each of these 12” x 12” calendars capture the unique essence and fine details of their game worlds with stunning artwork for every month, even as they provide the space for you to mark down your next game night. Encompassing your favorite games, every calendar offers beautiful pieces from a range of artists that immerse you in every scene.

What's more, every calendar also comes with a series of 5" x 7" art prints, displaying the same pieces shown throughout the calendar! Wherever you prefer to enjoy the beautiful art pieces shown in the calendar, they're no longer tied to a single location. 

The Android 2019 Calendar transports you from the megacorporation-dominated streets of New Angeles to the information superhighways of the net where runners duel with corporate ice for access to valuable corporate files.

The Arkham Horror Files 2019 Calendar, meanwhile, takes you to a version of Roaring Twenties infested with eldritch beings inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Throughout the year, you’ll be haunted by the dark beings that lurk on the edge of reality—and the investigators bold enough to stand against them.

The KeyForge 2019 Calendar, on the other hand, brings you to the fantastical world of the Crucible, where anything is possible. Here, creatures from all seven houses mingle, displaying their remarkable diversity and power.

With the Legend of the Five Rings 2019 Calendar, you can visit the vibrant world of Rokugan, where the Great Clans battle for supremacy. Here, honorable champions from the clans are joined by other warriors from across Rokugan as they seek to fulfill their duty to the Emperor.

Finally, the Realms of Terrinoth 2019 Calendar gives you the chance to enter the fantasy world of Terrinoth, where you’ll encounter some of the brave heroes—and terrible monsters—that call this wondrous land home.

A Banner Year

Worlds of wonder await you. Visit the realm of your choice all year with a 2019 calendar, available exclusively on our website!

Order your own copy of the Android 2019 Calendar (FFS82), the Arkham Horror Files 2019 Calendar (FFS83), the KeyForge 2019 Calendar (FFS84), the Legend of the Five Rings 2019 Calendar (FFS85), and the Realms of Terrinoth 2019 Calendar (FFS86) through the Fantasy Flight Games website today!

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