2 November 2018 | KeyForge

The Gate of Hope

New Web Fiction for KeyForge: Call of the Archons Is Now Available


KeyForge transports players to the colorful, diverse world of the Crucible, where they step into the role of a mighty Archon fighting to open hidden Vaults and discover the truth of their origins and of the planet itself. One of the Crucible’s greatest mysteries are the lavish islands of the Sanctum that float above the surface of the planet and the close-knit society of monks and knights who inhabit them. Many theories circle about the Sanctum and the Church of the Open Eye, but what happens when their virtuous vows are put to the test?

Now, Inka the Spider (who you can read about here) reopens old stories and old wounds with the tragic tale of a true hero. The fifth story for KeyForge: Call of the Archons, “The Gate of Hope” by Daniel Lovat Clarke, is now available for download here (2.2 MB)!

One Stood Against Many

The Gorgers have come to the Crucible. These menacing creatures consume everything in their path, whether it be vegetable, animal, or mineral, and with no way to stop them, hundreds have come to the Sanctum seeking refuge. But despite their theocratic society, the knights are less than willing to let the unfortunates enter their city.

But there is one among the Sanctum who champions the cause of the meek. Duma knows what her conscience demands, and she will not abandon her duty. But what of the threat that follows the refugees? What will become of the people and the Sanctum if the Gorgers reach the Gate of Hope?

Be sure to return to our website next week as Inka the Spider spins more tales of the Crucible, and watch for KeyForge: Call of the Archons when it hits shelves in the fourth quarter of 2018!

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