31 October 2018 | KeyForge

The Glorious Few

House Sanctum in KeyForge: Call of the Archons


“Steel thyself, knave. To harm them you must first defeat me.”
   –Champion Anaphiel

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Step into the role of the ethereal Archons in KeyForge! In this fast-paced game of wits and wills, you are transported to the artificial planet of the Crucible where you must gather precious Æmber to forge the keys that will unlock the planet’s hidden Vaults, earning you ultimate knowledge and power.

To aid you in your crusade, you will find gain the help of three of the Crucible’s seven Houses, using their creatures, artifacts, skills, and technology to further your goals and stave off any enemy who may contest your claim to the Vault’s contents. And if your claim is honorable, you will find no more steadfast allies than the righteous monks and knights who dwell in the lush islands that float above the surface of the Crucible.

Today, we're pleased to offer you a closer look at the noble-hearted knights of House Sanctum in KeyForge: Call of the Archons—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!

Radiant Truth

The improbable island paradises that hang in the air as if by magic are all collectively governed by House Sanctum. This theocratic city-state is protected by technologically-advanced knights who enforce order and morality to keep their home clean, safe, and, most importantly, polite. Under the careful watch of the Church of the Opened Eye, the innocent and just are protected by these angelic figures, and the wicked and blasphemous are quickly and efficiently disposed of.

While most of the mortal population of the Sanctum, like Champion Tabris (Call of the Archons, 240) are human (or at least humanoid), it is clear that this House did not originate on Earth. Sadly, the monks and scholars of this House are nearly as secretive as the Architects, reserving knowledge of their history for only the most enlightened. 

Members of House Sanctum wish to spread the truth of the Church of the Opened Eye to the unenlightened, and as such they regularly commune with those who reside on the surface of the Crucible. With a staunch sense of honor and duty, you will find a number of these ethereal defenders like Francus (Call of the Archons, 243) across all areas of the Crucible. Like many of House Sanctum’s warriors, Francus has not only a formidable power, but also armor that allows him to block damage each turn. This plays into his ability to capture Æmber each time he defeats an enemy, allowing him to wipe out a low power creature each turn without suffering any damage himself.

The knights of Sanctum promise transcendence to those who join their House and toil to achieve a pure soul, ultimately training followers to leave their fleshly concerns behind and become the angelic beings of light and energy. Some call their teachings a scam and claim that the original creatures of Sanctum were always energy beings, so transcendence is impossible. Happily, these blasphemers are soon dealt with and peace continues to reign.

Dark Angels

The most powerful of spirits of the Sanctum, called “angels,” can manifest directly as shining beings of pure energy, but many still choose to wear House Sanctum’s signature Æmber-enhanced armor, if only for containment rather than protection. This is the ultimate goal for many members of House Sanctum, which can only be achieved through meditation, learning, and spiritual growth. Once they have gained true understanding, they will leave their mortal coil behind and become enlightened.

However, "enlightened" does not mean "peaceful." Among the rarest Sanctum spirits, there are four who will always ride together—if one aligns with an Archon, the three others will always follow. One comes to antagonize. One offers tainted gifts. One takes away. And one brings death. 

If you bring the four horsemen into your team, you must take care how you use their great power, reading the battlefield and taking note of the order in which you play and use your cards to deal maximum damage to your opponent and the least damage to yourself. For example, if your opponent has weaker allies than you, you may wish to open by bringing the Horseman of Famine (Call of the Archons, 247) to destroy the least powerful creature, then conduct any reaping before playing the Horseman of War (Call of the Archons, 249). This conquering spirit lets you use your allies from any House to fight before finishing any unfortunate souls still clinging to life with the Horseman of Pestilence (Call of the Archons, 248). And last comes the Horseman of Death (Call of the Archons, 246), returning any of his fallen brothers from the grave. 

The Lamb’s Way

The difference between one of House Sanctum’s “angels” and an Archon is subtle, but while both may appear as consciousnesses free from the limits of a physical form, only the Archons are gifted with the ability to communicate with all beings. As such, the knights of House Sanctum are eager to learn from the Archons, often treating them as gods, and the Archons in return are grateful for the strength and protection members of this House can provide.

There are many among their ranks who will put themselves in harm’s way for their team, such as Champion Anaphiel (Call of the Archons, 239) who bears the taunt keyword. If a creature has taunt, its neighbors cannot be attacked by an enemy creature, forcing your opponent to concentrate their fire and protecting your weaker allies. Meanwhile, the humble Grey Monk (Call of the Archons, 244) seeks no glory for himself in battle, instead using his powers to bestow armor upon his allies and heal those who battle nobly.

Beyond their individual defensive powers, the very swords that the knights wield are projections of their will, made possible by the use of the precious Æmber that runs throughout the planet. Their abilities are only limited by the imagination of the one who bears them. Even weapons like the Hallowed Blaster (Call of the Archons, 233) have the power to heal rather than harm. Then, events like Cleansing Wave (Call of the Archons, 215) can heal every creature while still earning you Æmber for the seemingly selfless act.

Perhaps one of the greatest assets of House Sanctum is Protectrix (Call of the Archons, 254), who embodies the greatest teachings of House Sanctum. This knight can fully heal a creature by reaping Æmber, also granting the healed ally protection from any damage for the rest of the turn, whether it be from enemy attacks or card effects. Surprisingly for a virtuous heart, this creature may be most effective when paired with more dishonorable allies. Protectrix can safeguard creatures with the capture ability, like House Dis’s Charette (Call of the Archons, 81) and Drumble (Call of the Archons, 82), keeping precious Æmber out of your opponent’s hands. Or, you can take this one step further if you are aligned with House Shadows, guarding creatures like Umbra (Call of the Archons, 314) and Noddy the Thief (Call of the Archons, 306) as they continually nab Æmber from your enemy’s pool. After all, the Church of the Opened Eye requires offerings if they are to better the lives of the meek across the Crucible.

Shield of Justice

When you take to the battlefield, you will want the greatest knights of the Crucible by your side. No matter the danger, House Sanctum will defend the righteous and smite the wicked. Of course, the definitions of these terms are left up to the members of Sanctum, but their motives are only ever honorable… right?

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