29 October 2018 | Star Wars: Legion

Fire Support

Two Unit Expansions for Star Wars: Legion Are Now Available

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"The shield will be down in moments. You may start your landing."
–General Veers, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

In the battles of the Galactic Civil War, the Empire often heaves the weight of its military machine against the ragtag forces of the Rebel Alliance. No matter how ill-equippe they might find themselves, however, the Rebels always mount a spirited defense, managing to bend but not break in the face of the Empire’s seemingly indomitable might.

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Whichever side of this galaxy-spanning conflict you choose, today you have new units to add to your army—one that can help Rebel generals dig in and create a stout defensive line and another that will give Imperial troops the firepower they need to punch through enemy lines and put an end to the Rebellion for good. The 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team Unit Expansion and the E-Web Heavy Blaster Team Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion are available now at your local retailer or online through our website!

Keeping Hope Alive

From expressionless waves of Stormtroopers to small detachments of swift 74-Z Speeder Bikes, the Empire has any number of terrifying units to throw at the hapless Rebels. Most of these units can be fought head-to-head with standard infantry, but that all changes as soon as a powerful Imperial walker like an AT-ST enters the field. In addition to carrying enough firepower to quickly wipe out an entire squad of Rebel Troopers, these units feature thick armor that can’t be cracked by conventional blaster fire.

To stop the advance of these mechanical monstrosities, the Rebellion often deploys 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Teams to defend key points on the battlefield. These cannons might not be able to move, but they can fire up to Range 4 with five black attack dice, and the Impact 2 keyword gives them an excellent chance to crack the armor of any enemy unit that strays within range.

The 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team Unit Expansion includes an unpainted, easily assembled 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team miniature, a corresponding unit card, a collection of tokens, and three upgrade cards that can modify your cannon’s power level and improve its communication with your commander. Adding an Overcharged Generator,  for example, can lend the 1.4 FD Laser Cannon even more stopping power, adding an additional black die and Impact 1 to the attack pool.

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Rebel Assault

Despite the accuracy that Imperial Stormtroopers display with their E-11 Blaster Rifles, Rebel troops have an uncanny knack for finding cover and escaping fire. When clearing out a particularly stubborn nest of Rebel scum, then, the Empire brings in the big guns. A single E-Web Heavy Blaster Team brings more firepower than a full unit of Stormtroopers and, better yet, gives you the rate of fire to wipe out any Rebels before they scurry behind cover.

Unlike a 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team, which must remain stationary, an E-Web Heavy Blaster Team can drive into the heart of enemy lines. This mobility is not without its limitations, however. The E-Web’s heavy generator prevents the operating team from moving at anything other than a Plodding pace and makes it too Cumbersome to move and fire during the same activation. Once it’s been lugged into position, though, it can quickly pivot to face any direction, ready to wreak havoc on enemy troops, especially if its attack pool has two additional white attack dice from a Barrage Generator.

The E-Web Heavy Blaster Team Unit Expansion contains one unpainted, easily assembled E-Web Heavy Blaster Team miniature as well as a unit card, a collection of tokens, and three upgrade cards that give you the chance to alter your E-Web Heavy Blaster’s rate of fire and power output.

For a look at everything included in the E-Web Heavy Blaster Team Unit Expansion, including its upgrade cards, click here!   

Support Your Troops

As the heated battles of the Galactic Civil War tear across planet after planet, each side takes a different approach to giving their troops the support they so desperately need. The Rebellion throws up a strong defensive front, hoping to push back against the Empire’s relentless assault. Meanwhile, Imperial commanders put additional pressure on the Rebels by pointing heavy blasters at the heart of their lines. Add some extra firepower to your army and turn the tide in your favor!

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