A Venomous Sting

Underhand of the Emperor Is Available Now for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game


"Rokugan needs strength and leadership. Dissipating our gains and allowing them to accrue to others simply risks all of the clans being weak, at the very time when at least one of them must be strong.”
   –Bayushi Kachiko, "The World, A Stage"

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If the Lion and Crane are the Right and Left Hands of the Empire, the Scorpion are the Underhand, serving just as loyally, but out of sight, waiting in the shadows. Though as change surges throughout Rokugan, so too does the role of the Scorpion shift. The halls of the Imperial City are filled with the crimson masks of liars. The Scorpion have gained great power and are more visible than ever. But whether they are lurking in the shadows or taking center stage in the spotlight, the Underhand will serve the empire faithfully, as they always have. 

Underhand of the Emperor, a Scorpion Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game is available now from your local retailer or our website!

This Clan Pack contains 78 new cards (three copies of twenty-five different cards and one copy each of three different cards), many of which focus on the underhanded and deceptive tricks of the Scorpion Clan. Look for one of the most fiercely dedicated Bushi in the land, silent Shinobi undertaking missions of stealth and sabotage, and Courtiers who dominate the courts of Otosan Uchi.

Duty Above All

The Scorpion have little use for honor in their role as the Underhand of the Emperor. In fact, cards in Underhand of the Emperor give them a boost if they stay below a threshold of six or fewer honor.

One example is the Scorpion's new stronghold,  Kyūden Bayushi  (Underhand of the Emperor, 1). This stronghold can ready any of your dishonored character as an Action, and if you have six or fewer honor, that character gets a skill boost until the end of the turn. Though the stronghold is powerful on its own, if you can keep your honor low, this Palace can also go a long way toward offsetting any skill penalties brought on by dishonor.

While you're focusing on keeping your honor low, Underhand of the Emperor also introduces  Liar's Mask  (Underhand of the Emperor, 20), an attachment that can only be played if you have six or fewer honor. While this can be a tight restriction, this Item lets you to discard a status token from the attached character! Not only does this help you walk the threshold of honor loss, it lets you use cards like Forged Edict  (Core Set, 184) with impunity, their dishonor offset by the Liar’s Mask.

While staying below six honor can be a dangerous proposition and limiting to your honor bids, the rewards you receive in return can be extraordinarily potent. For a preview of more of these cards, click here!

Venomous Sting

While manipulation is the Scorpion’s specialty, sometimes a more direct approach is necessary. As the brother of Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Shoju,  Bayushi Aramoro  (Underhand of the Emperor, 8) is one of the most skilled bushi in the Emerald Empire. With five military skill, Aramoro isn’t your typical Scorpion, but he still employs underhanded methods to defeat his foes.

As an Action, you may dishonor Aramoro during a military conflict to drop the military skill of an opponent’s character. Then, if that character’s military skill is zero, they are discarded. The ability to simply discard your opponent’s characters is a devastating tool—fate becomes irrelevant as Bayushi Aramoro strikes down his foes with precision and fury. And with backup from cards like Sinister Soshi  (Core Set, 97), you can eliminate some of your opponent’s biggest threats. For a preview of other high cost characters in Underhand of the Emperor, click here!

Unbreakable Honor

While Underhand of the Emperor focuses on the Scorpion Clan, every Great Clan gets three copies of a new character to add to their ranks. What's more, many of these are experts at dealing with the Scorpion Clan’s methods.

While the Scorpion often look to dishonor your characters, a wise Dragon can see past their tricks, and nullify their effects. Kitsuki Shomon  (Underhand of the Emperor, 13) is a Dragon Duelist with three military and political skill. When another character you control would be dishonored, you may instead dishonor Kitsuki Shomon and ready her. With zero glory, Shomon receives no penalty from dishonor, and your opponent must forgo dishonor or find themselves facing Kitsuki Shomon in additional conflicts. 

Meanwhile, Lion Clan Courtier Akodo Kage  (Underhand of the Emperor, 14) attacks the Scorpion during the draw phase, allowing you to change your opponent’s bid if your bid is lower and you are more honorable. The Scorpion often bid as high as possible to tank their honor and gather conflict cards. Akodo Kage forces them to slow down and limits their options during conflicts, forcing them to face their opponent head on. 

For a preview of the other non-Scorpion cards in Underhand of the Emperor, click here and here!

Lies and Deception

The Scorpion are one of the most dangerous clans in the Empire. Determining their motives can be nearly impossible, and through subtle manipulation, they always get their way. Will you pledge your allegiance to the Underhand of the Emperor?

Discover the web of lies in Underhand of the Emperor (L5C15), available now from your local retailer or our website!

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