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Knowledge Is Power

Previewing House Logos in KeyForge: Call of the Archons


“Interesting reaction, but what does it mean?”
   –Dr. Escotera

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KeyForge takes you to the mysterious planet of the Crucible, the enigmatic construction of the Architects, who have brought pieces of countless worlds together in the center of the universe. The diverse creatures of this world gather under the lead of their chosen Archons and then fight side by side, reaping precious Æmber and using it to forge keys that will unlock the Crucible’s hidden Vaults!

But the Archons are not the only ones who seek knowledge of the Crucible. The members of House Logos crave nothing less than complete knowledge and understanding, and aligning with an Archon is often the best way to achieve this. While some may call their experiments “unethical” or “crazed,” their advanced technology can make them powerful allies and fearsome foes.

Today, we're pleased to offer you a closer look at House Logos in KeyForge: Call of the Archons—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!

Do Androids Dream

The Society of Logic and Reason, or Logos for short, is home to the foremost intellectuals of the Crucible. The House is further divided into two factions: Theorists and Mechanists. Theorists focus on the realm of reason and possibility, working around the clock to forge theories that unlock the secrets of the Crucible and the greater universe, both as they are and as they may be. Meanwhile, Mechanists work with the world as it is, running tests and studying the results, believing that theories are useless unless they can be proven.

What the two sides have in common is their enthusiasm for the pursuit of knowledge and acceptance of brilliant minds in any form. As they see it, members will likely cast off their mortal shells soon enough, so any judgement based on appearance is meaningless. Members of House Logos often replace pieces of their bodies with machines over time, prolonging their lives and leaving behind trivial needs like food and rest and completing more work than they could have ever done otherwise. Many of the scientists who choose to become cyborgs do not fully realize the consequences of the transition, as seen in unfortunate souls like Dextre (Call of the Archons, 138). But the benefits of these operations are undeniable, as in Dextre’s case, where he is saved from death whenever he would be destroyed, returning to the top of his Archon’s deck. With a few minorly painful operations, Logotarians can continue their work indefinitely.

The use of cybernetic bodies is so widespread that no one outside of House Logos can even recall what the physical bodies of the original Logotarians looked like. Did they come to the Crucible in their cybernetic forms, or did the riddle of the Crucible compel the intellectual zealots to prolong their lives artificially until they can solve it? The fully mechanical and potentially oldest members of Logos, like Mother (Call of the Archons, 145) and Novu Archaeologist (Call of the Archons,147), remain silent on the matter.

Altered Æmber

For the members of House Logos, Archons are the greatest puzzle in existence, but unlike many of their other questions, this one leads to a clear destination—the Vaults. The secrets within these structures call creatures from every House to join the Archons’ teams, but for House Logos, their interest borders on obsession. They are more than willing to work and fight on behalf of the Archons if they can study and observe them in close proximity, and Archons are happy for the help in their personal pursuit for knowledge.


One of the specialties of House Logos is the ability to search for solutions to any problem. Cards like Library Access (Call of the Archons, 115) and Library of Babble (Call of the Archons, 129) increase your ability to draw on your turn, giving you the chance to play even more cards immediately if they belong to your active House. But if all else fails, House Logos can throw caution to the Wild Wormhole (Call of the Archons, 125) and simply play the top card of their deck. What awaits atop an Archon’s deck is always a surprise, but just imagine what you may discover!

Arguably more than any other House in KeyForge: Call of the Archons (at least according to their own ranks), House Logos benefits from incredible in-House synergy, featuring cards designed to interact with one another. For example, a Timetraveller (Call of the Archon, 153) can benefit from Help from Future Self (Call of the Archons, 111), jumping into the deck to discard any damage and then returning to play healthy and ready to fight. If you find this powerful combination, you may notice that one of the cards features the ‘special’ rarity symbol. Special cards have a different type of distribution and do not obey the standard rules of rarity. This means that if you get Timetraveller in your Archon deck, you're guaranteed to find at least one copy of Help from Future Self, and vice versa.

The House with All the Gifts

Bringing their synergy beyond the confines of their own House, Logos can use a Phase Shift (Call of the Archons, 117) to play one non-Logos card during their turn, and in the fast-paced clashes of KeyForge, a single card can make all the difference. This is especially true if you are aligned with House Mars, which boasts cards like Orbital Bombardment (Call of the Archons, 172) and Battle Fleet (Call of the Archons, 161), which offer significant benefits for revealing Mars cards from your hand. Whether you're dealing damage or drawing cards, you're sure to reap the benefits—especially if you've drawn even more Mars cards on your turn.

When they unite with other Houses on an Archon’s team, Logotarians bring some of the greatest knowledge on the Crucible. This House features a variety of cards like Labwork (Call of the Archons, 117) or the thankfully uncommon Sloppy Labwork (Call of the Archons, 123) which allow you to store cards in your archives—an area where you can store and protect cards facedown until you are ready to access your archives and re-add these cards to your hand on a future turn.

Along with their expansive archives, House Logos also benefits from some of the most advanced technology on the Crucible, and they often have loose morals surrounding how it should be used. They understand that battles are often a numbers game, and they are willing to use whatever means necessary to shift those numbers in their favor. Bouncing Deathquark (Call of the Archons, 107) destroys as many enemy creatures as you wish, so long as you sacrifice an equal number of friendly creatures. This can work particularly well with characters like Bad Penny (Call of the Archons, 296) who are skilled at avoiding death, but even without Bad Penny, these sacrifices are made in the name of science, and Logotarians won't let something silly like a conscience cloud their judgment.

Make Contact

When the Archons clash, they must find balance between reaping and fighting, and there is no House more skilled at discovering balance than House Logos. With seamless synergy and unmatched access to the knowledge of the galaxy, these scientists and cyborgs make valuable allies. Just take care not to awaken too much of their curiosity, or you may end up their next test subject!

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