Your Store Is Your Stronghold

Secure Your Stronghold with the Battle for the Stronghold Kit


“My duty is to my people, to my clan, and to my champion,” she admitted. “I am bound to this. To rid the rōnin from Shirei Mura, to travel to Yōjin no Shiro and lay Akodo Arasou to rest, and finally—to return and reclaim the Osari Plans as Lion lands.”
     –Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda, The Fires of Justice

Tensions between the Great Clans of Rokugan are boiling over… and they will soon erupt into heated conflict with the Battle for the Stronghold Kit for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Designed to enhance your games—and to support your favorite local retailer—the Battle for the Stronghold Kit allows you to support your clan's bid for control of a store. You can earn local bragging rights, see your favorite retailer decorated in your clan's color and mon, and position your clan for the benefits that control might bring in the future!

Conflict, honor, and clan loyalty all play integral roles in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, as well as its Organized Play. The game comes with a terrific history of player engagement and chances for players to live the story of Rokugan. The battles you can enjoy with the Battle for the Stronghold Kit add another layer to your experience of Rokugan.

Know Your Role

In order to immerse you in a living, breathing Rokugan, the Organized Play for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game actually changes based on certain events. One of these key events is the selection of clan elemental roles during the Emperor's Winter Court at the Fantasy Flight Games World Championships in November.

There are ten elemental roles in the game—one Keeper and one Seeker for each of the five elements—and the champion of each clan at the Winter Court World Championship determines which elemental role his or her clan will hold for the coming season.

These roles have far-reaching consequences. While Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Organized Play makes use of all standard deck-building rules, it also incorporates your clan's elemental role. Your clan champion's decision, therefore, impacts your available influence, how many different provinces you can include from a given element, and whether you can incorporate "Seeker role only" or "Keeper role only" cards into your deck.

The Battle for the Stronghold Kit brings this decision to life in a more tangible fashion by providing six alternate art clan elemental role cards for each of the game's seven clans. Identified by icons for the clan, Keeper or Seeker, and element, these cards provide color to your clan's mission and serve as inspiration in your battles.

These cards are awarded to the top six players from each clan, or if your store has purchased multiple kits, it may award the appropriate elemental role cards to each player attending a Battle for the Stronghold event.

Honor Your Champion

In addition to its alternate art clan role cards, the Battle for the Stronghold Kit includes three extended art champion cards for each clan. These are awarded to the top three players from each clan and celebrates each champion's larger-than-life role and responsibilities with vibrant, full-bleed artwork that nearly pops off the card.

The Battle for the Stronghold will be your last opportunity to win these stunning champion cards in stores.

Control Your Store

You should never ignore your clan's champion, nor the part your clan plays in the politics of Rokugan, but the true focus of the Battle for the Stronghold Kit is on the heated conflicts between the Great Clans at your local store—the stronghold for your community.

When you participate in a Battle for the Stronghold event, you represent your clan's efforts to seize and hold control of the store. The more you win, the more you help your clan. And at the end of the event—or at the end of multiple events held over the course of weeks—your store's representative will tally all of your clan's victories, as well as all of your clan's defeats.

Your clan's defeats will be subtracted from its victories, and whichever clan boasts the greatest tally of victories will gain control of the store. Your retailer can then take advantage of the downloadable materials on our site to celebrate your clan's victory by decorating in your clan's colors and mon. Later, this means that when you dive into the conflicts supported by the Season One Stronghold Kit, everyone will know exactly whose stronghold this is!

Controlling a store may also grant your clan other advantages further along the path—although your victories may inspire the other clans toward retaliatory efforts of their own…

Prepare for Battle

Sharpen your blade, quiet your spirit, and ready yourself for the battles to come. Retailers are pre-ordering their Battle for the Stronghold Kits now, so talk to your favorite local game stores to see when they will be hosting their Battle for the Stronghold events!

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