Building Monuments to Glory

World Wonders in Sid Meier's Civilization: A New Dawn


"Mystery creates wonder, and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand."
  – Neil Armstrong

Throughout history, mankind has always strived to push beyond its limits, to conquer the unknown, and to create something greater than itself. This dream that has pushed our advancements to unbelievable heights is not easily captured, though adventure and discovery are still to be had, if one knows where to look. In Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn, an undiscovered world lays before you, and your people look to you for guidance. Your dream is at the height of its potential; what will you do next?

As you prepare to lead your people into the new age, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer you a closer look at exactly how you define your legacy, advance your empire, and build the impressive wonders that let all the ages of the world know yours is the greatest civilization that has ever been. Let's take a closer look at these wonders, which make up the heart of Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn!

Display of Power

Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn is a turn-based strategy game that gives two to four players the opportunity to embody history’s most renowned leaders as they compete to build history in their own design. Players must define their civilizations by advancing in five different focus areas to complete agendas and ensure the survival of their empire throughout the ages. One of the best ways for leaders to bring strength and prestige to their people is by building world wonders, landmarks that reflect a civilization’s achievements in an area of focus. 

Beyond boasting their empire’s exploits, these wonders grant boons to the leaders who construct them. Each wonder has a specific type, indicated by the wonder card’s color and icon, that determines which type of goal the wonder will help players achieve. There are four types of world wonders: cultural, economic, scientific, and militaristic. A cultural wonder helps an empire spread their influence, economic wonders bring a nation wealth, scientific wonders encourage technological advancement, and militaristic wonders increase a nation’s military power. No matter how a leader decides to shape their legacy, wonders will offer them an edge denied to their opponents.

Breaking Ground

A nation’s resources and access to natural wonders power the creation of these amazing world wonders. There are four types of resources: marble, mercury, oil, and diamond. Players can collect these resources from specific areas on the map and later spend them to build their chosen wonders. In addition to these scattered stores, this new world is populated by natural wonders, such as Crater Lake, that players can mine to further fund their industrious pursuits.

A player chooses to build a world wonder by using their industry focus card. The industry card’s place in a player’s focus row acts towards a wonder’s cost; the higher the place, the more points it contributes. To begin construction, a player chooses one of the faceup wonder cards on top of a wonder deck and pays its production cost. To pay this, a player may use the number of the industry card’s focus row slot, any eligible resources, and trade tokens they have. Each resource contributes two points towards the wonder’s cost while trade tokens contribute one.

When a player builds a wonder, they place the wonder’s card beside his or her leader sheet and place the wonder’s token under a friendly city. Then, the player reveals the next card in the card type’s wonder deck. As ages pass and societies advance, the wonders that leaders can build progress as well; from ancient, to medieval, and finally modern.

Protect Your Prestige

World wonders grant powerful, unique effects to the leaders who control them. For example, the medieval cultural wonder, Forbidden City, states that at the start of the controlling player’s turn, he or she may destroy one rival control token that is adjacent to a friendly space. This prevents a rival from spreading their culture and influence too close to your realm, allowing the player who controls the Forbidden City to quickly become a dominant force in the world.

However, wonders only grant their leaders power as long as they are able to control them; wonders are bound to a place, not a player. During the game, another player can attack a rival space that has a world wonder token to take control of the wonder. A militaristic civilization has the chance to claim as the spoils of war the wonders that an industrial nation built, if they cannot properly defend them.

But in this world, rivalries are not the only threats. Barbarians are scattered throughout the map and may strike and raze a city bearing a wonder just as easily as they would one without. If a barbarian raid destroys a city that has a world wonder, the wonder token remains in that space, but the people are forced out. Once the dust has settled, any player can gain control of the wonder by placing a city or control token on it. 

Prove Your Dominance

Create something that will outlive you. Shape a new future for your empire as you lead your people into the new age. Build humanity’s greatest wonders and bring glory to your civilization!

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