14 September 2017 | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

The Play Has Just Begun

The Path to Carcosa Is Now Available for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


"Along the shore the cloud waves break,
The twin suns sink beneath the lake,
The shadows lengthen
In Carcosa."

     –Robert W. Chambers, The King in Yellow

The lights dim. The curtain rises. The players take the stage. And the show begins.

The Path to Carcosa expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game is now available at retailers everywhere, and with it, the strange play, The King in Yellow has come to Arkham.

The show has come all the way from Paris, and Arkham's socialites are all eagerly looking forward to its debut.

You, however, have discovered some more troubling news: the play seems to leave a trail of disasters in its wake. Disappearances. Suicides. Delusions. Insanity. While you don't know how the play has garnered such a connection to the macabre, you are certain that something must be done. Someone must uncover the truth.

That someone is you.

Learn More from Our Previews

While the darkest events surrounding The King in Yellow remain shrouded in mystery, you needn't begin your investigations into The Path to Carcosa completely ignorant of the horrors you might face. The expansion's announcement and previews offer valuable clues to its various challenges, its six new investigators, and the unique play styles they bring to the Arkham LCG®.

  • Our announcement of the expansion addressed its new scenarios and themes, thrilling a good number of fans with the promise of nefarious cultists, masked villains, corrupting influences, and supernatural realms. It also introduced the game's first neutral investigator, the actress Lola Hayes (The Path to Carcosa, 6), who subverts all our existing expectations of class affiliation by switching from class to class as easily as she can move from one role to the next.
  • "A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Lose" explored some of the challenges you might face, as well as the ways The Path to Carcosa campaign amplifies the game's psychological horrors by introducing the new "hidden" keyword, along with consequences for your growing Doubt or Conviction.

  • In "The Soldier and the Secretary," we met two of our new investigators, Mark Harrigan (The Path to Carcosa, 1) and Minh Thi Phan (The Path to Carcosa, 2).
  • We met the Mystic investigator Akachi Onyele (The Path to Carcosa, 4), dabbled in dark magic, and sought guidance from otherwordly spirits in our third preview, "Spirits and the Occult."
  • "The Painted World" introduced us to Rogue investigator Sefina Rousseau (The Path to Carcosa, 3), who took a profound interest in The King in Yellow after her vivid paintings of its alien landscapes took on a frightening life of their own.
  • Finally, we met William Yorick (The Path to Carcosa, 5) and his ability to dig assets out of your discard pile—or "graveyard"—in our preview, "Bury Them Deep."

All together, these articles should offer you a variety of leads to follow along your investigation. Use your knowledge of the scenarios and their horrors to properly steel your nerves. Explore the new investigators and the deckbuilding options they provide you. Dabble with the new Spells. Practice your new Talents. And consider how to make the most of your investigator's unique strengths, while avoiding the situations that would penalize you most should you draw your weakness.

Enjoy the Show

The King in Yellow has come to Arkham, and this is a performance you definitely won't want to miss. So purchase your ticket and find your seat. We hope you enjoy the show…

If you're lucky, you might even retain your sanity.

Head to your local retailer today to pick up your copy of The Path to Carcosa (AHC11)!

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