11 September 2017 | Android: Netrunner LCG

Sovereign Sight

Announcing the First Data Pack in the Kitara Cycle for Android: Netrunner


Atop the rippling waters of Lake Victoria, a second beanstalk lies nascent and full of promise. To see it rise—to see a second Earth Station rise into space—the nations of the Sub-Saharan League have set aside their differences, and the result has been an economic and cultural renaissance. Everything that was old is new again.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Sovereign Sight, the first Data Pack in the Kitara Cycle for Android: Netrunner The Card Game!

With its sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards), Sovereign Sight leads Android: Netrunner and the Kitara Cycle to the shores of Lake Victoria. Here, the members of the Sub-Saharan League (SSL) work tirelessly to construct a new link between the world of dirt and the limitless expanse beyond Earth's atmosphere. But even as their labors and ambitions have put the world on notice, they are driving the region full-speed into a time of crisis.

This massive undertaking—loaded with political, social, and economic significance—cannot afford a single weakness. Weaknesses could be corrupted, exploited, or exploded. There's the funding the SSL hopes to receive from New Beijing. There's the Weyland Consortium, who don't wish to see the SSL succeed, and who will do all they can to prevent the project's scientists from uncovering the secrets of their buckyweave. And while the SSL's dreams may have brought an end to the bloody guerrilla warfare waged between Nigeria and Soufrika, there's a terrible fragility to the current peace—one that even a single assassin's blade could shatter.

This is a time and a place where the stakes are almost impossibly high, and those with talent and vision may find the world at their feet. It's not just a second Earth Station that's being created on the waters of Lake Victoria—it's the future.

Everything Old Is New Again

While every new cycle of Data Packs for Android: Netrunner has shaken up the game and added new possibilities to your ongoing cyberstruggles, the arrival of Sovereign Sight and the Kitara Cycle will mark an important turning point—they follow hard upon the introduction of rotation to Android: Netrunner Organized Play and tournament play. As a result, the cards from Sovereign Sight may take on a greater weight than those from most other Data Packs; they will serve as the first new alternatives to the cards and strategies hit by rotation.

What is rotation?

You can learn more about what rotation means for Sovereign Sight and Android: Netrunner from our article, "System Refresh."

And while the Kitara Cycle carries us half a globe away from New Angeles and your favorite cards from the Genesis Cycle and Spin Cycle, it stays true to everything you love about the game. This is a cycle of Data Packs loaded with programs, events, operations, agendas, and assets that are unmistakably true to their faction identities.

You'll find Anarchs looking to infest everything with viruses. NBN broadcasts educational programs filled with subliminal messaging. Amoral Criminals happily divert corporate funds into unmarked private accounts. Shapers assume tremendous risks during their runs for purposes no one else could understand. Jinteki tampers with viral DNA behind closed doors. Haas-Bioroid creates new bioroids designed to secure the work site. And the Weyland Consortium wants a role in the project—to build or destroy—whichever best serves their bottom line.

It's not just the factions that hold fast to their core identities; the game, too, aims squarely at the interactions between Corp and Runner. If you want high-stakes cybercrime, the Kitara Cycle delivers a whole slate of new traps, ambushes, and agendas that add uncertainty and pressure to the Runner's situation.

Advancing ambushes like Gene Splicer (Sovereign Sight, 12) can force the Runner into lose-lose situations, in which the only choices are to suffer the card's net damage, or allow the Corp to score it as an agenda worth one point. Similarly, a host of powerful, new five-advancement and four-advancement agendas like Ikawah Project (Sovereign Sight, 10) reward the Corp's investments.

Squeezed by these pressures and forced to focus their efforts with laser-point precision, runners redouble their runs against their favored targets. Shapers find new incentive to delve corporate R&D with Upya (Sovereign Sight, 7) and similar programs. Simultaneously, Criminals like Lewi Guilherme (Sovereign Sight, 5) provide you new ways to choke or bleed corporate HQ, and the Anarchs—with their never-ending viruses—experiment with new ways to trash everything the corps can build.

All told, the Kitara Cycle is classic, pressure-cooker, cat-and-mouse cybercrime at its finest. Clever maneuvers. Risky ops. Public faces and private actions. Economic warfare. Bluffing. Running. It's all here, and Sovereign Sight is just the start of it all.

The Great Work Is About to Begin

There's the great work the nations of the Sub-Saharan League hope to accomplish at Lake Victoria—the skeletal framework of the next Earth Station floats atop the rippling waters, muttering promises of wealth and power to all who can hear them. And there's the great work that's soon to follow in the network's deepest and darkest recesses—the data forts where the megacorps shelter their agendas, the bank accounts where the credits are laundered, and the Shadow Net where so many runners go to patch their rigs.

The dream is taking form. The money is there. The peace is fragile. Opportunities abound for those who can seize them. How will you take advantage of the coming changes? What will you make of Sovereign Sight and the Kitara Cycle?

You'll have your chance to go back to the basics when Sovereign Sight (ADN50) kicks off the Kitara Cycle later in the fourth quarter of 2017. Head to your local retailer to pre-order your copy today, or click here to place your pre-order with us!

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