16 August 2017

Come See Us at Gen Con!

Join FFG at Gen Con 50 from August 17th – 20th


Every year, gamers from around the world gather in Indianapolis for one reason—Gen Con Indy and the best four days in gaming! This year is Gen Con’s fiftieth anniversary, and once more, Fantasy Flight Games is beyond thrilled to participate! Whether you’re coming to demo new games, participate in our North American Championships, or fill your bags with the newest releases from our booth, Gen Con 50 is the perfect place for any gamer!

The Best Four Days in Gaming

Gen Con is always an amazing event, bringing tens of thousands of people from around the world together to celebrate one thing: a shared love of tabletop games! Between events and tournaments running around the clock and the amazing new games offered in the exhibit hall, the convention is always packed. Fantasy Flight Games has been a proud part of the Gen Con experience for the last twenty years, and we’re thrilled to return again!

One of the most attractive aspects of Gen Con is the chance to play and demo new games before they’re released. Fantasy Flight Games always has plenty of games available for demo, both old and new, and this year is no different. Visit our booth to get demos of the latest offerings from FFG, including:

If you prefer to spend your time testing your competitive mettle in tournaments, then you’re also in the right spot! Gen Con 50 is the home base for the North American Championships for most of our Organized Play games, including:

In addition, we’ll have several tournaments for Runewars Miniatures Game and Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game throughout the weekend, including the massive, inaugural Kiku Matsuri. Although most of these events are sold out, there’s still a chance that you can get in with generic tickets. For more information on generic tickets, click here.

And of course, Gen Con isn’t just a great place to demo new games and participate in tournaments. It’s also the perfect opportunity to expand your collection by picking up new games—potentially even before they become available to the outside world! This year, we’re happy to announce that the following products will be available to purchase in limited quantities through our on-site store:

Join Us at the Show

Like many of you, we’ve spent the whole year planning and preparing for Gen Con—and we can’t wait for you to see what we have to show you! This year is our biggest and most impressive Gen Con yet, and whether you join us in the exhibit hall or at a tournament, we’re excited to meet you. For more information, visit www.gencon.com.

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