The Swamps of Nal Hutta

Wage Your Battles Atop a New Gamemat for Imperial Assault

"You may have been a good smuggler, but now you’re Bantha fodder."
     –Jabba the Hutt

Nal Hutta, the swampy Outer Rim planet, is a dangerous place. Its treacherous bogs are littered with dragonsnakes and other dangerous predators. Polluted skies erupt at times into greasy rains. And, of course, the planet is the homeworld of the notorious Hutts and the seat of their vast criminal empires.

As a result, there are fortunes to be made or lost among the planet's sprawling spaceports and its bulbous palaces. There are reasons, too, that the Rebel Alliance might deal with the planet's outlaws, or that the Galactic Empire might crack down on the planet's lawlessness—or make a show of doing so before taking payment and marching away…

Now you, too, can head to Nal Hutta to pursue your fortune, forge a temporary alliance, or execute a surgical military strike: the Nal Hutta Swamps Skirmish Map for Imperial Assault is now available for order at your local retailer!

Skirmish in the Swamps

The Nal Hutta Swamps Skirmish Map is now entering the tournament rotation for Imperial Assault, and this neoprene playmat offers an ideal play surface, depositing you and your skirmish force atop the planet's bogs. Measuring 26” by 26”, this playmat features the entire map printed directly onto its surface, ensuring that your setup never takes more than seconds.

To further facilitate your play, there's plenty of room around the borders of the gamemat for you to set up your Deployment cards and tokens, as well as handy references for each team’s starting setup zones. You’ll even find additional copies of the Nal Hutta Swamps cards, giving you everything you need for the definitive Imperial Assault skirmish experience.

Finally, the gamemat evokes the spirit of Nal Hutta with evocative artwork of two of the mercenaries who might have dealings there. On one side, you'll find the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett, ready to pursue any target the Hutts might name. Across from him, a battle-scarred Rodian seeks to make his own name with his blasters and his wits.

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The Hutts Will Know Your Name

There’s no better way to for you and your opponent to enjoy a skirmish game of Imperial Assault than with the easy setup of a gamemat like the Nal Hutta Skirmish Map. Whether you roll it out at a local tournament or just use it to facilitate your games at the kitchen table, the Nal Hutta Swamps Skirmish Map races you straight into the action… It's up to you to survive it!

Order your copy of the Nal Hutta Swamps Skirmish Map at your local retailer today!

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