Farm Boy No Longer

Technological Terror Is Now Available for Star Wars™: The Card Game

"I used to bull’s-eye womp rats in my T-16 back home."
     –Luke Skywalker

Technological Terror, the sixth and final Force Pack in the Opposition cycle, is now available for Star Wars™: The Card Game!

Bringing the cycle to its climactic conclusion, Technological Terror comes loaded with Droids, shuttles, engineers, Specter operatives, and new tricks and nonsense that intensify and encourage further hostilities between opposing factions. You'll find the galaxy's Scum and Villainy eager to hunt down its Smugglers and Spies, you'll find the Sith casting their shadow across the stars, and you'll find the Galactic Empire capable of destroying whole planets with their ultimate weapon, the Death Star (Technological Terror, 2057).

But you won't find Luke Skywalker the farm boy. There's no sign of him on Tatooine. There's no sign of his aunt or uncle. And there's no sign of the droids he and his uncle purchased from the Jawas. No, that Luke is gone. He departed Tatooine and followed his destiny elsewhere. He has grown and matured. He transformed himself into a Jedi, a hero of the Rebellion, and the man who voluntarily placed himself before two Sith Lords, resisted the lure of the dark side, and lived to tell the tale.

You won't find a farm boy in Technological Terror. But as the Force Pack's ten new objective sets (two copies each of five different sets) bring the Opposition cycle to a dramatic close—and give the Galactic Empire the ability to wield the galaxy's largest and deadliest weapon—you'll find echoes of Luke's former life and a reminder of just how much a single person can impact the course of the Star Wars galaxy.

Memories of Home

Certainly, a run through Beggar's Canyon to bull's-eye womp rats doesn't match the scope or grandeur of the construction of the Death Star, or even a visit from the Emperor in his personal shuttle (Technological Terror, 2052), but Luke's experience in Beggar's Canyon served as a precursor to his momentous flight along the Death Star trench.

Accordingly, the Running the Canyon objective set (Technological Terror, 2040) suggests the event's influence on his greater destiny by introducing  Luke's T-16 Skyhopper (Technological Terror, 2041) as a Vehicle connected to larger events. As a Reaction, it allows you to damage an opponent's objective once per turn immediately after you play an event. And because the Skyhopper is also a Speeder, you can use the Reaction on Running the Canyon to give it an extra unit and blast damage icon.

Then, in addition to Luke's speeder and a single basic T-16 Skyhopper (Technological Terror, 2042), the objective set comes with a copy of the ever-fashionable Target of Opportunity (Core Set, 133) and a copy of the zero-cost Tactic, Bull's-eye! (Technological Terror, 2044).

A lynchpin event that can transform memories of youthful adventures into fateful moments of galactic consequence, Bull's-eye! allows any friendly unit with the targeted strike keyword to strike at action speed. This means that if you win the edge, you can strike with two units in quick succession—once with the event and once normally. Or if you lose the edge, you can still strike before your opponent focuses a his or her first unit. If you'd like, you can even strike before the edge battle, and if you can destroy your opponent's only defending unit, you can automatically win the edge.

Further accentuating the synergies between the set's cards, playing Bull's-eye! can trigger the Reaction on Luke's T-16 Skyhopper,which is itself a unit with targeted strike. And you can then discard an event from hand to give the Speeder an additional point of unit damage using the objective's ability. In a deck with The Defense of Yavin 4 (Core Set, 138) and an Astromech Droid Upgrade (Core Set, 158), this can mean destroying a unit like Emperor Palpatine (Core Set, 51) or Jabba the Hutt (Edge of Darkness, 375) before your opponent can even focus to strike—even if that unit isn't involved in the engagement!

Finally, as the threat of Bull's-eye! is bound to direct your opponent's dark side hatred toward your units with targeted strike, the Running the Canyon set comes with a single copy of Memories of Home (Technological Terror, 2043) that you can play to give a unit a shield… over and over and over again. Just as you take your memories with you wherever you go, you can recall Memories of Home any time you win the Force struggle by two or more Force icons. And in this way, although your past is gone, it can continue to shape your future.

Exploding onto the Scene

Fly your T-16 Skyhopper and bull's-eye the womp rats in Beggar's Canyon. Use IG-88C (Technological Terror, 2060) and his cold, calculating logic to overcome any Tricks and Nonsense (Technological Terror, 2062) your opponent's Smugglers and Spies may try to send your way. Round out your Specter team with a Tiny Robotic Sociopath (Technological Terror, 2045) and his Improvised Tactics (Technological Terror, 2050). And spread fear through the galaxy with a single devastating burst of your Death Star's superlaser.

Technological Terror (SWC36) is now available. Pick up your copy today!

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