The Battle for Mars Begins Now

Daedalus Complex Is Now Available


“Hitting them when they are weakest sometimes means acting before you want to”  
   - Alice Merchant, Clan Agitator

Earth is crowded. Its culture is stifling. Opportunities are scarce. From the New Angeles sprawl to the streets of Mumbad, from the denizens of the most advanced arcologies to the people who live in the Beanstalk’s shadow, everyone on Terra has the same problem: Too many other people. 

With billions of people scrambling for the same resources, it seems like opportunities may be running dry for anyone without the letters “CEO” attached to their name. So what can you do to break the cycle? To escape the stale strategies of the past? To make your own mark on society? 

Why not try life on Mars? With sixty new cards (three copies apiece of twenty unique cards), the next Data Pack for Android: NetrunnerDaedalus Complex—on sale today—offers would-be runners and corporate climbers alike the opportunity to blast off into a new setting and new strategies!

Seize the Moment

Be warned: these new opportunities may only be available for a limited time. That’s why the go-getters at Jemison Astronautics (Daedalus Complex, 16) are willing to make big sacrifices in order to see the Weyland Consortium become the real power behind the MCA—and the new kings of the “fast advance” strategy. 

So, get ready to initiate Hostile Takeovers (Core Set, 94) on some local Martian businesses and peddle those acquisitions into a High-Risk Investment (Order and Chaos, 7) because Weyland is implementing its Oberth Protocol (Daedalus Complex, 18) for maximum speed. On Earth, the Consortium may be known for its slow and steady ways, but on Mars, they’ll take every risk—and every advantage—to guarantee success with both their patented comet-collecting rockets and their corporate agendas.

If runners want to keep up with these developments, they’ll need to move faster than ever. Fortunately, new Run events like Pushing the Envelope (Daedalus Complex, 1) and Mad Dash (Daedalus Complex, 8) will help runners leverage necessary risks into game-winning rewards.   

Welcome to Mars

Oxygen is limited. Water is expensive. The Clans are restless. And the only thing protecting you from the planet’s deadly surface is an envirodome built by the lowest bidder. 

Earthers may call those problems unbearable. But Martians just say they keep the riff-raff out. 

Do you have what it takes to succeed on Mars? Pick up Daedalus Complex from your local game store today and find out!

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