15 March 2017 | X-Wing

Independent Operations

Announcing the Eleventh Wave of X-Wing™ Starship Expansions

“You see, since we’re a small operation, we don’t fall into the… uh… jurisdiction of the Empire.”
     –Lando Calrissian

From the Core Worlds to Kashyyyk and beyond, the Force connects all living things and binds them together. Pirates, Imperial cadets, and Wookiees. No matter who they are or where they go, they're all connected by the Force. They're all drawn together by the eternal struggles between the dark side and the light…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of three new X-Wing starship expansions!

  • Auzituck Gunship Expansion Pack
  • Scurrg H-6 Bomber Expansion Pack
  • TIE Aggressor Expansion Pack

In the Star Wars galaxy, seemingly minor events can alter the fates of countless worlds. A Tatooine moisture farmer purchases a pair of droids. A freighter pilot learns that his YT-1300's negative power coupling needs to be replaced. A hungry Wookiee reaches for a dead animal skewered on a wooden stake…

Who would have expected the moisture farmer's nephew would become a powerful Jedi? Or that the repairs to Han Solo's Millennium Falcon would draw the attentions of an infamous bounty hunter, a crime lord, and even the Dark Lord of the Sith? What would have happened to the Rebellion if Chewie and his Rebel allies hadn't befriended the Ewoks on Endor?

The Star Wars galaxy is full of these little twists of fate. The Galactic Civil War was shaped by them. And you'll soon have your chance to pursue more of these twists in your games of X-Wing.

With its trio of ships, Wave XI follows these twists toward a host of explosive new possibilities—all nestled comfortably within the game's existing mechanics. High-tech bombers. Fighters capable of filling highly specialized roles. Double-slotted upgrades. Unlimited ordnance. And a wealth of abilities that encourage dynamic and interactive new ways to fly!

Auzituck Gunship Expansion Pack

Designed by Appazanna Engineering Works of Kashyyyk and equipped with three wide-range Sureggi twin laser cannons, the Auzituck gunship acted as a powerful deterrent to slaver operations in the Kashyyyk system. Also flown by daring Wookiees looking to take the fight to the Empire, the Auzituck was known for its impressive firepower and incredible durability.

In X-Wing, this Auzituck gunship appears as a pre-painted, small-base Rebel starship with three attack, one agility, and six hull protected by three shields. Moreover, the Auzituck gains additional staying power from a modified version of the reinforce action that has long played an integral role in X-Wing Epic Play.

In Standard Play, whenever you perform the reinforce action with your Auzituck, you choose either the fore or aft side of your ship and place the matching face of the double-sided reinforce token next to it. Until the end of the round, then, if you reinforce your Auzituck's fore, you gain an extra evade ( ) result against any attack made by an enemy inside your firing arc. Or if you reinforce your Auzituck's aft, you gain an extra evade result against any attack made by an enemy outside your firing arc.

Altogether, the reinforce action combines with the Auzituck's shields and hull to make the ship extremely resilient in battle. And the Auzituk Gunship Expansion Pack gives you plenty more ammunition with its four ship cards and six upgrades.

Scurrg H-6 Bomber Expansion Pack

The Nubian Design Collective crafted the Scurrg H-6 Bomber with combat versatility in mind, arming it with powerful shields and a bristling array of destructive weaponry. The ship was surprisingly maneuverable, given its considerable ordnance complement, and one of the prototypes was infamously stolen by Captain Nym, a pilot famed for his heroism in the Clone Wars, his service to the Rebellion, his command of the Lok Revenants, and that group's piracy in the Karthakk system.

Along with its pre-painted, small-base miniature starship, the Scurrg H-6 Bomber Expansion Pack introduces not one, but two different versions of Captain Nym, allowing you to fly him in his Havoc as a member of the Rebellion or as a pirate aligned with the galaxy's Scum and Villainy.

In addition to its two Captain Nym ship cards and Havoc Title, the Scurrg H-6 Bomber Expansion Pack also introduces three other ship cards, plus a hefty complement of nine more upgrades that your bomber can use to litter the battlefield with mines or punish your enemies with volley after volley of missiles and torpedoes.

TIE Aggressor Expansion Pack

Designed for long missions, supply chain raids, and tactical flexibility, the TIE aggressor can engage foes in close with its maneuverability or strike from afar with its powerful turret and ordnance. The Imperial pilots who flew the aggressor were specially trained with the ship's different weapons loadouts in order to leverage them to full effect.

In X-Wing, as in the Star Wars galaxy, the TIE aggressor lends a great deal of tactical flexibility to your Imperial fleet. And much of this versatility comes through the ship's ability to equip a turret weapon like the Synced Turret or Twin Laser Turret . A pair of missile upgrade slots push the ship's versatility even further, and you'll be able to reap the advantages of these slots with the expansion's new Unguided Rockets upgrade.

Altogether, the TIE Aggressor Expansion Pack pairs its pre-painted miniature starfighter with four ship cards and five upgrades, plus everything else you need to fly the ship to battle.

Become a Part of Something Greater

With their ordnance, turrets, shields, durable frames, and unique tactical possibilities, the three new ships from X-Wing Wave XI all excel at independent operations. However, they also encourage a wide range of synergistic new squadrons—and as with so many things in the Star Wars universe, they only recognize their true potential once they become part of something greater than themselves.

How will you incorporate these Wave XI ships into your Rebel, Imperial, and Scum fleets? How will you use them to shape the fate of the galaxy? We'll look at the ships, their pilots, and their upgrades more closely in our upcoming previews. In the meantime, you can head to our community forums to discuss the elements of these expansions that excite you the most.

Stay tuned! These Wave XI expansions (SWX64-66) are scheduled to arrive at retailers late in the second quarter of 2017!

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